Grrr......... Kitty has hit a couple of big milestones within the last week (pulling herself to a standing position and crawling) and this has really messed up our routine. I'm not sure why but since all of this has started happening she has decided now is a good time to start biting (ouch!) as well as not wanting to settle down at night for bed. Her body knows it's time; she starts fussing and rubbing her eyes and reaching for me at the right time. But when I go up with her and settle down, she goes all active on my. She talks, she squirms, she kicks, she rolls, etc. Sigh..... It's even worse when Carey needs to go to bed too because she keeps him up. So for the last three nights running I've been up super late because of her. I'm exhausted.

Other than having hardly any sleep last night, today was excellent. The only thing that marred it was an email from Carey telling me that the groundskeepers were spraying herbicide this morning and to not let anyone play outside until after 11 a.m. Great, now they tell me. Bleh. So I hauled the kids back inside. Deedee had a weeping red eye the rest of the day but I don't know if it was due to that or if because she got ahold of her father's glue accelerant again. Bad Carey. So she got a bath, and her eyes washed out to the best of my ability. Holding a squirming toddler down trying to flush an eye out is not any fun.

I did spend quite a bit of time outside with the kids today. It was cloudless and so warm. While Charles & Deedee ran around pestering each other and Kitty quietly played beside me, I started my very first sweater today. Yippee! It's a soft charcoal grey wool bolero from One Skein that I am knitting for a friends little one due to arrive next month. I have finished both sleeves and have started on the body. So far it's been a quick knit, even if I did have to frog one of the sleeves because I managed to create a rather large hole right in the middle of it. (Don't ask) Ugh..... But so far it's looking great and I'm hoping to have it ready to assemble when I go to group tomorrow although I'm not holding my breath. I really like this pattern book, and I've already marked several projects that might make good Christmas presents. Now is as good a time as any to get started on all of that. Especially when I realized just how long my list was when I wrote everyone down. I was horrified when I realized the amount of time needed. So, no super complicated items. It will probably be hats, socks, scarves, etc. And toys. Toys are easy and fun.

The biggest surpise of the day is when an officer from the campus police returned my pocket book. Yay. I had lost it over a week ago in Gormley Park and I'm so relieved that it found it's way home again. It was even intact; nothing was gone at all and it didn't even look like anything had been moved. I'm so thankful that I don't have to worry about it anymore.

After dinner we took the kids on a walk. Charles drove his red car and Deedee brought her little riding toy. We hung out at the upper playground for a bit. The kids got to run around and have fun; Charles even made a new friend. Carey and I discussed where we might put things at our new unit. It's right outside the upper play area, so I'm excited.

My cast iron dutch oven is also coming along quite nicely. The lid needs a lot more work done to it but the pot itself looks almost as good as new. It was a nice gleaming black when I took it out of the oven today. It might need a bit of touch up but if so, not much. Then I get to season it and actually use it. Yay. I'm really wanting to use all cast iron if at all possible. I really like it but I feel silly having it around taking up room to use it for camping maybe once a year.

Carey and I have talked about camping for James bday. My brother Charlie also called today and said he's going to talk to his family about the dates too. The camp ground we're talking about literally only has three sites, and it would be nice if we could snag all of them for that weekend. It's nice and small, still has some fishing and swimming as well as being close to town if any forgotten supplies are needed. Plus, it's cheaper at only $6 a night. Carey and I figure we'll need at least $50 to pay for fees, gas to get there and back, etc. So we're trying to figure out how we're going to get that together. James absolutely loves camping and it's all he ever talks about. LOL When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday he immediately shrieked "Camping" and ran off to pack his bag (toy fishing pole, small chest full of pirates, and the requisite red Sponge Bob shirt); never mind it was still several weeks out. The weekend we picked is also Kitty's bday. So we'll be celebrating several birthday's that weekend: my brother Charlie, his fiance Jamie, James, and Kitty. My niece Julia also has a birthday this month as well as several friends. So yeah, June is a very busy month for me. It's even worse this year because we're getting packed to move!

Oh, and on another note, I finally got a pic posted of me in my renaiscance dress. You can take a look at it here.

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