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The last two days haven't been too bad, just really busy. We found out that Carey's grandparents were in town so we cancelled our appointment with Sydney since it's more important to spend time with family. Especially when you don't see them very often and you might not get to again. The plan was that after Carey got home from work, I would go shopping with Kitty and James, and then Carey would follow later with all of us meeting up at Carey's parents for dinner. Did it actually work that way? Of course not.

I got ready to go shopping, James was on his bike raring to go, Kitty and the bags were loaded up and I turned around after grabbing my pocket book and Deedee was busy climbing in the trailer. "Ah, how cute. Why can't she go with? Look, she even has her shoes on." Those were the words uttered by her dear father and like an idiot I fell for it. I should never have taken her with. It was a mad house. She was great at first. Even after taking bites out of two apples and a tomato before I hauled her up to the front so she could pay for an apple to eat while we wandered around in the hopes that it would keep her too busy to get into trouble. Wrong! After nibbling on it for quite a while, she decided it would be more fun for me to chase her around the store. And then, after I had deposited her in the back of the cart, she squished stuff as well as grabbed items off of the shelves and opened them. I guess that really wasn't too bad. She only grabbed stuff that we'd bought before and that she liked, such as their granola bars. But it was still a pain.

So I finally get everything needed, pay for it, and I'm on my way out the door when a woman stops me to hand me kitty's shoe that she'd dropped in one of the aisles. Thank goodness I was still there. I'd just gotten those little shoes in. I met up with Carey quite by accident, and it was nice to have someone to help push the trailer. A Burley bike trailer is wonderfully balanced, and it's not heavy at all, but when the back is overbalanced with lots of groceries, it takes a little more attention to guide it. Dinner with Carey's family was great and Carey's grandparents complimented the kids on their behavior and manners. Woohoo! I guess I'm doing something right. I had bought a starfruit for the kids. Especially for Kitty since it's easy to eat and digest for the little ones. However, Stan & Julia, as well as Carey's mother had never had some so they tried it as well. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I like it once in a while.

We were surprised to find out that James has a loose front tooth. We have no idea if it's loose because of nature (he's a bit young) or because he fell. We asked him about it, but he said he fell on his bike at the cross walk. Which he did do on our way to the store, so it's entirely possible he hit it just right. Which is interesting since he didn't bleed, or even cry either of the two times he wrecked so I have no idea how it may have happened. One the way home we had a couple of instances that really upset us. The first one was when James asked Carey if it was ok to cross the street, and Carey not really paying attention said it was. There was a car coming, but it was turning onto the street we were crossing, so James wasn't really in any danger of getting hit. But perhaps this will teach Carey to pay better attention to his children. The second time I was absolutely pissed. James came within inches of getting hit, and he wasn't even in the wrong! We were crossing a street, the light was green and the sign still said walk. It hadn't even started blinking yet. We were about half away across, James a little further ahead on his bike and this huge truck turned right in front of him. If James had been any further ahead, or going any faster, he would have been hurt pretty bad, if not killed. And there was absolutely nothing that we could do about it. It just really angered me that someone was that careless. And he didn't have an excuse of "I didn't see them". The trailer is not inconspicuous by any means, especially with the orange flag on it. James was wearing a helmet with white on it, and Carey himself isn't that small.

Today was the Ren Faire! Yay. My mom actually showed up on time for once, which was really nice. She helped me get laced up in my beautiful dress (Carey actually surprised me with it a few years ago) and we were off. I absolutely love the dress, although I have wished it wasn't white. It shows the dirt so easily, and velvet is a pain to wash. I do have to admit, it's absolutely gorgeous though.

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My friend Marisa in the wonderful dress her mother made for her, Marisa's angry little guy Avi and Me.

My brother Jason and a few friends were also with Mom, so we all crammed into her car, hoping we'd be able to find a spot. We did, finally, although it was several blocks away. We arrived just in time to see a group of local Celtic dancers. Then, after some food, we all wandered around for quite a while before we got split up a bit and I saw a lot of awesome stuff although I wasn't able to really see as much as I wanted. With one thing or another, it just never happened. I was really surprised when I found out it was two and time to watch the Maypole Dance. I always love watching it, although the colors are all wrong. It shouldn't be red and purple but red and white symbolizing the union of the God & Goddess. I finally ran into my friend Marisa there, whom I'd been looking for everywhere. She also had a great dress on, that her mother had made her sister, and she also danced around the maypole. We looked at a bit of stuff, but then her parents called saying they were there and where was she. I got to meet them, and they were really nice. But then I had to meet Carey at the entrance so it was a while until I saw her again.

Bleh. It took Carey over an hour to get there with the kids! So instead of having an hour and a half to wander around with him, we ate lunch real quick and he was off to his game. :( So he wasn't there during the costume contest (which Marisa made me do). Ah, well. I didn't win anyway. However, Marisa's baby Avi did! He mother was holding on to him, and impulsively jumped up for the children's whimsical contest. He got a fifty dollar gift certificate. And all for just being cute. Also, lots of people stopped me later to say they thought that I should have won the adult traditional. That was a nice compliment. After that, we took the kids to play, and Mom and I thought we'd steal off for a bit to spend some time together. I don't think we'd been gone for more than fifteen minutes, and I'd just barely finished paying for a pair of wool shoes for Kitty when Jason called me to say that they'd lost Deedee. I admit, that little girl can move pretty darn fast but they shouldn't have lost her that quickly. So we hightail back to the play area only to find her already there in Carey's arms. Apparently, she'd made it all the way across the park, and was standing by the street when a woman saw her and picked her up. She was on the way to the info booth with her, when a woman we know saw her and asked Carey if that wasn't Meradydd. They'd been talking for a few moments before he came to find me. He was horrified to realize that it was, grabbed her and went to the play area. He had called me when he left his game, and I'd told him that's where everyone was. I'm glad that I did. Otherwise, he wouldn't have known to go there with her and I would have been running around looking for her and not knowing she was already safe.

After that, Carey decided it was time to take them home but I stayed with Mom to look around a bit more. I found some nice salve for Carey's feet. Hi poor feet are so cracked it's not funny so hopefully this will help. I also found a beautiful wand I hope to talk him into letting me have. I plan to go back to the Faire tomorrow, after Church, to spend some nice family time there.

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