Bleh, this last week has been so busy it isn't funny. I'm totally exhausted all of the time, even when I get a full nights sleeps, which for me is 9 hours. I don't know if it's the stress that's doing, or the fact that I've been getting more and more of my "sick headaches". The first time I got one, I accidentally stirred up a bunch of mold on a windowsill and then like an idiot sat right next to it with no ventilation for the next several hours. I wound up going to bed really early after that one and was fine the next day. It's been like that with each one, but they're getting more frequent. So I'm wondering if perhaps I developed a sensitivity to the mold that we're living with. I'm so grateful that we're moving in a month.

Yesterday, my parents were able to come down to help move some stuff. Mainly some items that they loaned me and that I'll no longer have room fro in the new place. The largest thing was a tall skinny dresser that lived in a skinny closet. We pulled it out and were just horrified to see mold all the way across the back in a foot high band near the floor. In one corner, it actually went all the way up the wall. I hate the thought of moving, but when it comes to our health, that must be put before the cool playground and the pretty trees full of animals such as squirrels, bunny's and birds. :( Carey's friend Ben also helped move a bunch of stuff to storage. So several boxes full of stuff (mainly books :D) went, as well as the bookshelves. However, one of the bookshelves is defying logic. We got it upstairs, so we know we can get it back down. However, at this time it doesn't want to go. Bleh. The kids are also upset. Their room is almost completely bare, especially since all books and toys were packed up and went to storage. Even their toys! They each to pick one special item to keep but the rest went. And their mattresses stayed behind but the bunkbeds were broken down for storage. One less thing to move on the big day and if I understand correctly, we'll only have 48 hours to get it done, including any necessary cleaning.

It was nice having my parents down. I haven't seen them in some time although I didn't really get to talk to either of them as much as I would have liked. They were nice enough however to surprise us with dinner at A&W, which was totally unexpected. It was a nice treat. And for once, it was just them. Well, and a kitten. The poor little thing wasn't being cared for properly by it's mother so my mom was nursing it. It was really cute and James took a shine to it. Not only was he excited to be going home with my parents, he was ecstatic that he got to hold it for a bit. I'm sure my mother probably let him hold it during the trip home as well. LOL, when James found out he was going home with my parents, he tried to pack for himself. If it had been left up to him, he would have only taken his red Sponge Bob shirt and his pirate toys. He was also a great help. Not only did he take his stuff to the truck without being asked, he also helped load other stuff up in the truck. He was quite ingenious in figuring out how to carry some dresser drawers. They were almost as big as he was but he insisted on doing it. He finally decided that turning them upside down and resting them on his head was the best way to do it and it worked great for him. LOL, Charles tried that way too but poor little Charles is just too small yet. He tried though, which is what counts. James will actually be gone for three weeks, culminating in a camping trip for his birthday. I was a little disappointed when I realized that I would actually be missing his fifth birthday so I hope my parents do something special for him.

Last Friday was the funeral procession for Officer Lee Newbill, the police officer that was shot in last weeks horrific event. He was shot during a sniper attack. When the sniper was later identified, it was learned that he knew at least one of his victims and had also shot his wife. Two other people that were shot are still in the hospital, one of which is still critical. Over three hundred vehicles were in the procession. They were from all over Idaho, as well as the North West. I took the children to see it because they will probably never see that many police cars together in one spot again. They did not understand why it was such a solemn occasion; they just thought it was fun watching everything. I did take a few pics although I don't have them uploaded yet. My father says he got caught in the traffic later when most of police officers that attended the funeral were on their way home. That took about 30 minutes and then we were off to the library. On the way their, James tried to have himself flattened by a truck. I had stopped at a crosswalk but James had kept going. I called to him but instead of turning around he reasoned that he could just make a loop through the cars parked along the side. He emerged right in front of a truck. Thank goodness the truck had already seen me and had started slowing down to stop. Otherwise, I think James would have been hit.

On the way home, a ladybug hitched a ride and just when I was beginning to think that I would be able to add her to my garden, she took off. Ah, well. I also found a feather that I had added to my altar but Deedee has decided that she needs it more than I did and has stashed it somewhere. On Saturday, I cleaned off the bookshelves in preparation of moving them out on Sunday, and then I spent several hours with my friend Marisa. We wandered around the farmers market where I picked up a batik dress I had commissioned for Kitty and some new plants. We went to the Co Op, where we shared a piece of excellent cake, and then we topped it off with an hour at the library where I bought (yes, you read that right) some really neat little books of science projects to do with the kids. On Sunday (yes, I know, I'm jumping around, I'm sorry) Carey was the celebrant at Church and everyone said he did a good job. He had Kitty light the chalice for the second service (he said it was nepotism, LOL) and everyone loved her. He mentioned that she loved a little felted gnome doll I made, and she was busy waving it as he said so. She was adorable and after the service everyone had to come say hello to her. I actually wound up missing some of the service because James had an accident. Thank goodness a friend gave me a ride (vs. riding my bike) because instead of only going a few blocks to the winery, I wound up going all the way home to get extra pants and underwear for him. There was only a dress at Carey's parents, and I really didn't think that was appropriate.:D

Today, I also spent several hours with my friend Marisa. I borrowed the needles to get a sweater started for a friends baby due to arrive soon, finished my first spiral tube sockie for Kitty (it only took me six months!), discovered that my friend is quite the accomplished artist, and watched our two little one's beat up on each other. Bleh. And Kitty crawled! Yay. I actually rode my bike quite a bit today. I rode all the way out to the mall, hoping to find waterproof mattress covers for the kids bed; no luck. :( I also had to go shopping as well as drop off some movies at the library due tomorrow. So my legs are really sore today. Especially my right. I have a nasty bruise about 6 inches long by my right knee and up the outer thigh. Several days ago, I slipped in the bathroom and came down heavily on the side of the tub along the rails for the shower doors. It actually took a few hours for it to start bruising, and it got worse for a couple of days. It still hasn't started healing yet. Something else I accomplished today: I started cleaning a rusty cast iron dutch oven that I got my hands on. I scrubbed it down to the best of my ability, slathered it in shortening and set it in the oven on 250 for several hours. Hopefully it worked. If not, I'll try it again. I made a huge mess, including getting rust smeared up the side of my face, and shortening in the hair that I had neglected to pull back. LOL I'll get some pics posted of the pot as soon as I've got it nice and pretty.

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