Today was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky and it was pleasant sitting outside in the sun while I knit on the little sweater. LOL, Deedee had a fun surprise. The sprinklers came on for the first time today and she happened to be almost on top of one. She was soaked! She loved it though. It quickly formed a puddle on the pavement and she gravitated towards that to dance and play.
I spent most of the day knitting. (Except when I fell asleep while Charles & Deedee were napping and Kitty destroyed the living room but we won't speak of that.) This afternoon after Carey arrived home, I was off to my group. Only Marisa was there today. As usual her little one beat up on Kitty. I don't understand why he's such a bully. However, when I wasn't comforting Kitty, I got the rest of the body knit on the bolero, and actually got one shoulder sewn and an arm on. It's looks awesome! I didn't follow the pattern exactly but where I did change something I took note of it so I could do it again on the other side. For one, this was supposed to be knit in cotton but I chose a wonderfully soft 100% wool. I also knit the arms in the round instead of flat. One less seam to sew together. And I changed the cuffs a little; I used a smaller needle so it would be a little tighter and I like the line of the sleeve better now. Ignore the yellow. That was my provisional cast on and it will soon be going bye bye when I start the edging. There is also a small eyelet flower on the back between the shoulders that you can't see but is so sweet.

This is my loverly sweater. :D It can be found in One Skein by Lee Radford. It really is a quick easy knit. The right side is done and very pretty. It lined up perfectly! And no puckering. Yay.

I think one thing that helped was the advice my friend Marisa gave me. She told me to bind off the sleeves in a needle one to two sizes large than the one I was knitting with to keep it a bit looser so the sleeve isn't too tight around the shoulder. That actually just happened to my friend Bernadette. She too just finished her first sweater. She had spend $60 on a lovely cashmarino yarn and she did a beautiful job except on one sleeve where she bound off too tight and then pulled it too tight when she was sewing it together. So, not only did it pucker really bad, but we could hardly get an arm of any of the baby's in, not even Kitty's petite little appendage's fit. So I was glad to know that bit of advice.

This was such a quick, easy knit that I've been thinking of buying several skeins of wool in varying colors, and knitting several up to stash for last minute baby gifts. Also, I was thinking of perhaps trying to pick up stitches around the armhole and knitting it from the shoulder down, instead of knitting it separately. One less seam to sew, if it works. Hrmmm.........

This is being knit as a gift for a little one set to arrive next month. The parents don't know what it is, which is good since the gray will actually go either way. Besides, this is what I had in the stash. :D

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