A ton of snow dumped on us Monday night. It was so bright from light reflecting that it appeared to be late afternoon / early evening. I had opened the blinds to watch it for a while but Carey was growling that the light was disturbing him when he was trying to sleep. :(

An odd occurrence happened when I ripped a cd I had't heard for some time to the computer. With us having no stereo, this is the only way I can listen to the music. I put in Spirit Voices by Ceshia Anaquod but the media player named it Fireflies by Faith Hill even going so far as to name the songs titles from that album. It also has the album art! When I listen to the songs, they're the proper songs. I just don't understand why it did that.

Carey and I went out to eat on Tuesday for my birthday. We went to a local Italian restaurant that always serves great food, and plenty of it. I couldn't make up my mind so Carey chose for me. I got a wonderful spaghetti dish with a nice marinara sauce, capers, and kalamata olives. It came with small pieces of chicken but I didn't care for them. While we waited for our meal, Carey pulled his usual antics and he drew tic tac toe boards on the table for us to play. All tables are covered in paper and a small handful of crayons are left. He won only once. Dessert was a decadent affair of chocolate cake with a sinful fudge frosting and a gourmet vanilla ice cream. We shared it and it was almost too much for the two of us. We had a nice leisurely dinner before hurrying to the movie we'd decided to see: August Rush.

After we had picked the kids up and were waiting by the van to load them Charles had picked up a small chunk of snow and informed me that he was eating lunch. When I asked him what he was eating, expecting him to say something like hamburgers or pizza, he looked at me like I was crazy and said "Snow, mommy". Bleh :D

Both Charles and Deedee managed to sneak a crayon upstairs during siesta and made pretty picture's on the walls. Grrr... They weren't happy I made them clean it of. Someone has given me the idea of something we can get to set up for them to draw on so perhaps they'll leave the walls alone and spare us having to pay for a paint job. Charles also drew all over the fridge this week. He was very proud of his "castle". It's still there only because I've been having trouble getting it off. However, cheapy hairspray has been recommend to take it off so I'll be trying that soon.

James did well in his first visit with Sean Miller, his councilor. He asked me a ton of questions so he could get as clear of a background picture about James' history as possible. He said from what he was hearing that James was just having behavioral and anger problems and that it wasn't any mental issues, for which I'm profoundly grateful. James did respond well to him so we'll see how it goes next week when James gets to see him by himself.

One of James' therapists is wanting to split her hour up into two segments; one in a group setting and the other staying like it is now. While I am interested since I know how much James enjoys time with others kids, two thirty minute sessions just aren't worth it to me. Not to drive all that way across town. As well as there would be no one to watch the kids for at least one of those sessions and I don't really care to sit with them out in the van at this time of the year.

Our appointment went well with Sydney this wee, for the most part. She has started us on a new program and gave us a book to start reading. The sour look on Carey's face was priceless when it was handed to him and he grumbled about his large reading load that he already had. The children had had late naps, so they were still up when she arrived. For the most party they played quietly with the awesome vintage Light Brite that I got my hands on, the basket of musical instruments or the marbles. However, for some odd reason James took exception to Deedee playing with the Lite Bright and was trying to start a fight so I had him get his blocks instead. That was going great for awhile, until Deedee stumbled over his "train" and broke off a couple of the end blocks. It was a complete accident and she even tried to apologize but James was having none of it. I moved him to the stairs after he pushed her down and it quickly degenerated into one of his screaming fits. I did my best to ignore him, and still talk to Sydney over all of the noise; the strain was starting to give me a headache. Kitty went over and screeched back at him for fun but he kicked her over (this is big because he's usually so protective of her) so I took him upstairs to bed where his screaming continued for another 30 minutes before he exhausted himself and went to sleep. I felt horrible but his behaviour was unacceptable. He's also very unapproachable when he's in this mood and I would probably just get myself hit for my trouble if I tried to talk to him. :(

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