It's hard to believe that it's been four years since I stayed up all night curled up with a blanket in my rocker reading a good book while drinking hot cocoa and eating a whole bag of my favorite iced animal cookies. This has been an amazing adventure with our little man and we're so blessed that he chose to come to us. He has changed so much in the last few years.

  1. He's grown a lot, although, he's still our skinny little monkey.
  2. He's 35 pounds and 34" tall
  3. He still has no butt and his pott belly is smaller.
  4. The beautiful copper hair he was born with is now a strawberry blonde.
  5. He's still my little hypochondriac.
  6. His favorite colors are orange, green and purple
  7. He's very enamored of a small green creature named Grasshopper
  8. He loves magic, and likes to dress up a lot. For Halloween he was a witch (wizard) and he chose a wizard bday party.
  9. He loves listening to books
  10. He learned how to pedal his bike this year.
  11. He can count to 10
  12. He loves to color and draw
  13. He's learning how to write his name
  14. He's very independant and loves doing things for himself
  15. He has moved three times
  16. He loves music of all kinds, but especially enjoys opera
  17. He also loves making music and will daily choose an instrument from the basket. He often choose a harmonica or reede whistle.
  18. He's very inventive. Just the other day he used the end from the teapot spout for an inpromptu whistle to add harmony to whatever song that was playing. He did a great job (and I never realized that little thing could work as a whistle)

Happy birthday dear Charles,

We sing now to you.

Happy birthday dear Charles,

May your wishes come true.

He was born at 3 in the afternoon on Wednesday, Novermber 26 2003. He was 6 lbs. 11 3/4 oz and was 21 1/4 inches long. He is the most precious gift that I ever recieved on any of my birthdays. His red hair was a surprise to all of us. It was a pretty copper when he first arrived although it has now faded to strawberry blonde. In fact, that's why we call him monkey. He was only a week old when I was holding him in my arms and as he srewed up his face to start yelling, with his copper hair sticking out everywhere, he looked just like a little orangutan baby.

He is my human garbage disposal. He routinely eats anything put in front of him, and it's nothing to see him put away as much as I or his father. I never will understand where he puts it, he's so darn skinny. In fact, my mom says he looks just like an old man: skinny body, thin wispy hair, no butt, and a little pot belly. I swear, he does act like one sometimes. He's such a little hypochondriac.

He is our artistic free spirit that dances to the beat of a different drum. He loves bright bold colors and patterns on soft silky fabrics. And he lives up to the name of moneky very well. He's curious about everything and rarely sits still. He's got a surprising strength hiding in those skinny little arms of his and can pack quite a punch as his brother has discovered.

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