Happy Birthday to Me

This poem and beautiful graphic were sent to me by the wonderful people at Little Dragon Castle. This is a wonderful family oriented site where you can find some children's activities and stuff.

Little Dragon Castle

Happy Birthday Briarwren

Birthday Time

© By Noula Halvaci

To reflect on New Year's Day
And To reflect in a similar
Manner on one's birthday...

New Year's and Birthday Time are both
A good time to
Reconsider one's life's path
On one's birthday, like on New Year's,
One is reminded
Of turning a year older

One must also be reminded
One has also turned a year wiser
Like New Year's
Birthday Time can be
A time to review
And to revise and improve
One's Present and One's Future.

That is so very true and especially meaningful for me at this time. To honor my birthday, the children gave me a card they drew, and lots of hugs and kisses. Their father gave me a book called The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life by Jennifer Louden (now called Comfort Secrets for Busy Women), a beautiful polished stone egg (he forgot what type of stone is was by the time he got it home, LOL), and an elephant carved of cat's eye (both items I collect). The book is just as important as this poem that I received because I'm at a very difficult time in my life and I'm finding it hard to learn how to turn inwards and to just admit that it's ok to let go. Of the anger at past hurts, the petty jelousy of other people, the STUFF cluttering my life, the fear of what others think, etc. This book is all about creating what I need with what I've already got. Now, Carey bought it with the idea that it would help me make stuff out of the stuff we have so that I wouldn't feel the need to run out and buy more. :D He didn't realize that it was more of a metaphor for the introspective subject. This book is full of quotes, inspiring stories, etc. So, like I said, it came exactly when it was needed and has helped me a lot. I also received a lovely card with a heavy cake shaped pewter charm from my SIL Sarah, and lots of cools stuff from my MIL Sue. She gave me an iron with a rack to hold it, and a box that was technically made to hold ornaments but works perfectly to hold my different projects. There are three partitions, all begin enough to hold all yarn, needles and pattern or the fabric, pattern and notions needed for whatever I'm making.

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