Today there was a wind and rain advisory so it was pretty nasty outside. Needless to say, I chose not to go to group today. Not only was it way too nasty outside, but the kids were still sick anyway. They all still sound like they've swallowed frogs although, it wasn't as bad as it was last week. Kitty, however, is getting worse. :(

I briefly popped outside this afternoon to dispose of the trash & recycling as well as mail off the registration cards for the new car seats the boys got yesterday and Netflix movie that we had, Lord of the Beans. (The kids were quite put out with me mailing it back. The do love their Veggie Tales.) There was water everywhere and there was about a 1/4 of an inch streaming down the sidewalks. My MIL went to the coast to visit Carey's brother Joe and his family and she hit snow coming over Snoqualmie Pass. :( Snow has been forecast for next week so I hope the boys' boots come in on time.

My friend Patti needed a ride to Wal Mart to get some stuff and since it was a gift card, she had to go there. That's the first time I've been in the parking lot in almost a year and I was only there long enough to drop her off and then I went to Good Will. I was hoping to find stuff suitable for Charles party. I did come out with a pretty green wine glass that I thought might look cool with some sort of bubbling concoction in it on Charles' "workbench". We're gathering together items that seem to have a magic air about them and we're going to set up that up as decoration. Carey asked a friend to borrow their "Spell Book". It's a plastic box that looks like a book and it's pretty cool. The various bottles that I keep vinegars and stuff in will look also look neat with various lables. We have big jars of sliced banana peppers and green olives that will fit right in. We're going to label them Pickled Newt Slivers and Goblin Eyes.

I also found a pair of flannel footie pj's with teddy bears and bows all over it. For me. :D I couldn't resist them. They were so cute and they'll be really warm this winter. I can't wait to see Carey's face when I put them on tonight. I got back just as he had to take off for class so I didn't have time to tell him. Heh, heh. I ran back across to pick up Patti and then we ran to Jo Ann's. I needed to get dowels and stuff to make wands for Charles' party. I am so glad that Patti was with me because I think I made much better choices for the ribbon and beads that I needed then I probably would have if I was alone. I was going to use wooden beads for the end, but she found some pretty multifaceted colored beads. They're clear, so they kind of make me think of little crystals. I chose a pretty rainbow ribbon but I couldn't afford to just get that color so I also chose green, orange, and purple. Those are the same colors that Charles picked for the wizard on his invitation so I thought it appropriate.

Tonight was a turkey dinner funded by the University for the families in family housing. I shouldn't have gone. Carey couldn't be with me since he's in class until 8 but I didn't feel like cooking and the idea of free food lured me in. The only person I knew there was my neighbor Patti, and a couple of other neighbors that I didn't talk to because they left before we'd even sat down with our meal. So I kind of felt on the outside although, several people came up to me to ask where Carey was and to say hi but I didn't know any of them. It took forever to get our food. Charles dumped his plate three times before we'd even finished the buffet line. And even though it was barely after six (which is when it started) when we got there, stuff was getting pretty low so we only got turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and some raw broccoli. The only thing we did time right was the appearance of the pumpkin pie so I snagged a slice to share for the kids and I. I did fill a plate to bring home to Carey but I didn't want to try and transport a piece of pie home too. Deedee annoyed the hell out of me by throwing a full out tantrum. I have no idea why. I started to hand her her plate and the juice she'd chosen when the next thing I knew she was face down on the floor screaming she wanted Papa Ernie. We finally get her up and into the other room to sit down and eat when she was on the floor again, screaming and beating the floor, because she decided she didn't want her juice after all when I tried to hand it to her. A couple of women were kind enough to help me with the kids, but it was embarrassing. :( I should have left right then but I just couldn't face abandoning all of that food and then hunting through the huge pile of coats to find ours while everyone stared at us.

James and Charles really like their new car seats. We got them from a program through Success by Six, a local non profit organization. It's by donation but we didn't have anything right now. We plan to make a donation soon. The woman doing it made sure the seats were all adjusted properly to the kids, and then helped us make sure they were secured properly in the van. I had originally contacted her for a new seat for Charles because it was old, and out of code. Also, I didn't know it's history because I received it used and I've learned recently of the dangers of using a seat once it's been in an accident and I since I had no idea of it's history I thought it better to get a new one. James got a new one because the seats in the back don't have headrests, so James' head wouldn't be properly protected in case of an accident. He had just a regular booster seat but his new one has a back that extends higher than the back of the seat. He's really excited because it even has little lights on it so he could read if he wanted to. Charles was a little disappointed at first because the one originally brought for him wouldn't work in our van because there weren't any head rests and he really like it. It was blue. So he got a different one instead but once he got over his disappointment, he said he like the new one and was excited when he got to sit in it to be sure it was adjusted properly.

James did well in class yesterday at Church. I wasn't interested in the topic of the service, so I thought I'd sit and listen to James' class. They're learning about world religions this semester and I brought my encyclopedia of world religions to share. This week they learned about Taoism and made a yin yang. It was nice seeing James participate. I even saw him raising his hand and he tried to answer a couple of questions. He really liked the mint tea they've started serving with snack instead of juice drinks and surprised his teacher by asking for more but I've got little tea fiends. We go through lots of tea every day and they even drink chamomile with a bit of valerian to help them relax for bed. Today we had mint tea with our lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and they really liked it. (Although, in my mind, the combination didn't sound that appetizing but surprising it actually wasn't that bad.)

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