Today has just been very blah. We woke up to the sound of rain and it was very gray. The children woke up happy, which is good. I got up to take a bath, started running the water and had turned around to get clean towels out of the chest when I heard the quick patter of little feet, a small "morning, mommy" and a splash as Deedee availed herself of the nice warm water slowly filling the tub. Sigh... There went my envisions of a few minutes to myself. Charles wanted to join us too, but I was able to convince him to wait until his father took his bath. Kitty, as usual, was a little slug a bed and slept late and while James was up, he really didn't want to do anything either. He just hid out on his bed with the box of Lincoln Logs.

Carey whipped up a quick breakfast of sausage, eggs and pears while the kids watched the Spongebob movie Charles talked me into borrowing from the library. Sigh... I can really do without that movie. They also pestered me wanting to watch Lord of the Beans again, which we got from Netflix. It's a cute one and I would much rather watch that then Spongebob.

I finished the invitations for Charles' party and will be printing them out later. I printed out one for practice and it came out really well. The graphic on the front is a small wizard holding a staff that I colored in Paint. Bleh, it took me forever since the first one I was working on got closed out by Kitty when I was busy with one of Deedee's numerous messes. Of course, silly me, I managed to have not saved it. So three hours of combined work was lost and I had to start completely over. I have to admit that I like this one better though and it seemed to go a lot faster. Charles chose a lime green for the cape, plum for the robes, and orange for the boots. I colored his hat dark blue with yellow moons and stars and Carey chose a light grey for the hair and blue eyes. I thought he looked awesome when we were done with him and I even glued a little round cabochon on the top of the staff to make it really magical. The verse inside Carey helped me with and it came out really well. There were little stars inside that I filled in with gold and silver gel pen. Can you tell how excited I am with this? :D I even have a small verse in runes although, most people won't be able to read it. Ah, well, it still looks cool.

I've gotten my hands on several wizard party books and have discovered stuff that I'd like to just make for around the house, especially in the kidlet's rooms. The books are Wizard Things to Make and Do, The Book of Wizard Craft, and Wizard Craft. I have only gotten my hands on The Book of Wizard Craft so far (I couldn't wait for my copy to come in and snagged it from the library :D ) and it's totally awesome. I think if I'd only been able to get one book, this would have covered it. Of the other books, one is an Usborne and I love all the stuff I've gotten from them before and the other one has the same author as a book of fairy crafts I got for Deedee's party and absolutely loved so I had to get it when I found out it was by the same author. So now I've started quite a collection of themed party books and for any future parties I won't have to hit the net much at all. I have also discovered an awesome site, Potter Parties, that has been of immense help. While we aren't have a Potter themed party, it's just a generic wizard, this has still given me lots of ideas on decorations and games. So the creative juices have really started flowing. I really should have started this last month, or the even earlier and I usually do. I don't know why I left it this late.

Charles is still coughing but he hasn't thrown up today, which is a big bonus. He even felt well enough to go for walk with Carey. I was a bit hesitant but he really needed some fresh air and I made sure he was dressed warm. He enjoyed himself and came through the door laughing, so it did him some good.

Deedee got up to her usual hijinks today. She not only drew all over some stuff that she shouldn't have, she also managed to stuff a ton of toilet paper down the john again. This one we can't figure out. Since she's so good at that feat, we have totally stripped all toilet paper and kleenex out of the bathroom. If the kids need it, they have to ask for it. I'm just really sick and tired of the bathroom getting flooded so much. So Deedee says she has to go potty, gets her little hand full of paper and disappears upstairs. She's gone a long time so Carey goes up to check on her just as she flushes the toilet and water goes everywhere. He asked her where she got the paper, but she just shrugged at him. Sigh... So her little body got to warm her bed for a bit after she finished helping her father clean up her mess. Bleh

Kitty's finger is doing well, and she hasn't favored it at all today. I also think she's been in a growth spurt of not only the mind but the body as well. Her legs seem longer and while she doesn't look like she's got any more meat on her, she did add a couple of pounds so it's there somewhere. Probably in her fat little belly. My baby's growing up and she won't be one much longer. :( She loves to talk and while not all of her words are intelligible, they do come out occasionally. Her favorite words of the moment are "Uh Oh" (she'll throw stuff on the floor just so she can say it) and "No". Yep, you got it. She's got the no thing down pat. Sigh... She's so cute when she says it though. :D Her newest word is "Butter". Yep, butter. I was looking for recipes of butter beer for Charles' party, was singing butter beer at her, and it just pops out. She got this little surprised look on her face and then started giggling she was so pleased with herself.

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