Today, I was woken up at 7:30 when Carey called to tell me his was on his way home. He'd hit a patch of black ice on his bike and busted his knee up again. It's sollen and bruised. :( So he came home and slept for the next few hours until it was time for class. I dropped him off since it would have taken him forever to walk that far on that knee of his. I took the kids shopping to pick up the last of the supplies for Charles' party. He picked out a lemon cake mix and strawberry yogurt. He got the idea of an ice cream cake somewhere so that's what he's getting and I'm still trying to figure out how to make it look like a spell book. I was going to buy some fondant, but I was expecting it to be so much so I'm not sure if I will now or not. :(

The children weren't too bad although, there were a few minor upsets such as wehn I took the kids to the bathroom and they all decided they were snakes and just had to slide across the nasty floor. >:( They also had to start a fight in the middle of the baking aisle because Charles wanted peanut butter chips and James wanted butterscotch. So, needless to say, we didn't come home with any of it. I had planned on using them in some cookies and the peanut butter flavor did sound nice. Ah, well.

I've started making the wands for Charles party so of course, they saw all of the paint I had out and just had to paint themselves. This weeks Weekly Unplugged Project is the color red, so I gave them a little red paint and told them to paint something they saw outside the window. Of course, all I got were three pieces of paper almost completely covered in red paint. :D Charles was so enthusiastic that he painted right through his and onto the table! I wasn't too happy about this later though when I was cleaning it up. Most of wiped right off, but there were huge pink splotches still all over the table. I finally got it all to come off with just a bit of baking soda and a rag. I was surprised how quickly it came off with that. But I still had to take the vinegar to it again to get the residue from the soda off since there were big smears that didn't want to go away.

This afternoon, we all watched Brigadoon. I've liked everything else Gene Kelly did and this was nice. Charles' wizard books came in today, too and there's lots of great ideas that I can't wait to try for his party. He was pretty tickled about them too and wanted to take one to bed with him.

The children's Bento boxes came in today and they were pretty excited. I recently learned of this part of Japanese culture when I was trying to find some sort of small containers for each child to have that I could put food in for them each day and they could be allowed to have it whenever they felt like. Hopefully this would give them a bit of the feeling of self reliance and power over some of their decisions. I got really excited when I learned of Bento and while I don't have the time or the energy right now to prepare some of the fancy things I've seen done with these little food containers, it's something that might be fun in the future. The kids would really like it. I bought a set of four, each one a different color and each had a different sweet scene with animals. So, for instance Charles chose blue and his has two rabbits golfing on it. As per usual, Deedee snagged pink as soon as she saw it. :D Hers has a sweet scene of two bunnies at a picnic. They all really like them and they insisted that we put their names on the bottoms. I also thought these would work well next summer when we have to be out and about. It would be very simple to just fill each one with food and throw them in a basket or something.

Tonight we've set Kitty's bed up with some flannel sheets I picked up for her and I blanket that I got at Good Will. Of course, I wasn't happy about it when I got home. I thought I was getting a twin size blanket and instead it's just a little lap thingy. It was the way it was folded on the hangar but Carey said not to worry about it since it's still plenty big enough for the little squirt.

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