Today has been very cold and icy. The few trips we made in the car had us slipping at least once every trip. My boots found no traction and I almost landed on my face to the amusement of some nearby children. :( And we can no longer park on the downward slope in the parking lot. Carey had a hell of a time backing up, the back tires didn't want to catch and he almost slid forward over the embankment. Not good.

We have been very busy the last couple of days and the living room and kitchen are very presentable. It's a nice feeling to have it this clean and I've never understood why I haven't been able to keep it this way. Other than the excess amount of crap that I have shoved in closets and under the beds. Sigh.... I am very proud of myself though. I got through over half of my cards (yes, even the laundry and the clean dishes have been put away) and am well on my way the goal of having it nice by Christmas.

Carey's mother stopped by for a little while today to have a talk with Carey to straighten some stuff out in regards to his father so Carey's in a much better mood now. I was late getting out for my time, especially since it was cut short today. I spent most of that time enjoying myself at Jo Ann's getting the fabric for our new Christmas gift bags. I'm tired of the huge paper mess generated every year so this is my small start. I bout 2 yards of six different fabrics, and 1 yard each of a couple of fabrics that were just gorgeous and I couldn't say no to. I can't wait to get the bags done. I understand that I'll still have a paper mess this year, but it will slowly be taken care of. Of course, I find out after I buy the fabric that Jo Ann's is having a huge 50% off of all sale prices next weekend so I could have saved a huge bundle. Perhaps Carey will let me get some more. I also found a beautiful Santa that came home with. He's wearing a red robe with brown fur accents and holding a staff with holly wound up. He was on sale and came out of my birthday money.

I didn't have my watch or take the phone so I was running late getting home. A quick glance at a clock had just shown my how late I was and I still had to find tights for Deedee. Not one store in that mall had heavy tights! It was all the thin microfiber crap. That is, if they even had tights. :( I wound up just grabbing a packet of sock for her. She had wanted to wear her cute Santa's helper dress but with no heavy tights, she wouldn't be warm enough. So I thought with the socks, she could change into her candy cane pants outfit and still look adorable for the Christmas party we were going to. $8 bucks! For three pairs of socks. That's what I get for not looking at the price but it just never entered my head that it would be that much. Sigh... It's outrageous to pay more than $1 per pair of socks, unless their hand knit and/or wool which these were most assuredly not.

Since I was running so late, I erroneously assumed that Carey would have the kids ready to go when I got home. Unfortunately, I had two naked half children, one wearing a dress she'd spilled cocoa down, and one wearing the clothes he'd gotten his breakfast all down. Sigh... So instead of being maybe 30 minutes late we were over an hour late to a two hour function. >:( It was almost not worth going. In the end, the kids did have fun though. They spent most of their time raiding the snacks and playing in the nursery. There was a paper craft there for them, but they weren't really that interested in it. They enjoyed listening to the piano being played, and the carols being sung but they couldn't really join in for that. The bread slices and spinach dip I brought was well received and none of it made it's way back home. Unfortunately, the kids had just missed Santa. I was glad I didn't tell the kids he was going to be there so they weren't disappointed in missing him.

After we brought the kidlets home, Carey and James took off for a couple of hours to themselves. And my wonderful husband managed to lock himself out of the van. LOL He had to call his mom to come and get my keys for which I had to hunt. They'd gotten misplaced this morning and I hadn't yet found them. Once they had that straightened out, Carey took James to the arcade. James had a blast and he came home really happy telling me about his adventures and showing me the prize that he got from one of the machines. It wound up being one of those junky jewelry sets. Carey very thoughtful had James "give" me the jewelry but he wanted to keep the plastic ball it came in. Unfortunately, it's of the type and make that just shout China and with all the cheap jewelry recalls because of lead, I'm concerned about this set. So I'll wear it once just to let James see it, and then I'll quietly dispose of it.

I ran away again this evening. I wandered back to Jo Ann's and picked up a knifty knitter set. I used a 50% off coupon and some of my bday money. I've been wanting one for some time and I'm pleased that I was finally able to get one. I wandered into the mall when I was done and saw a bunch of awesome stuff. Large crystals that had been turned into lamps. A night light shaped like a knight; his shield and sword glowed. That new little carpet cleaning robot. While it looks really awesome, I'm not sure I'd really want one. It would be cools having a little thing vacuuming up behind the kids but I'd rather use the same insane amount of money and buy a steam cleaner. There was also a little shoppe there, just for the holidays, of local artisans and stuff. Some of the stuff was imported from Africa and India. But there were hand carved wands and clay rune sets that had wonderful energy made locally. I was really interested in the rune set because it came from local clay. I walked out of there with a Christmas present and my eye on a few other items.

One of the movies we received from Netflix this week was My Neighbor Totoro. While I am a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki's work, I had somehow missed hearing of this little gem. The kids wanted to watch it incessantly and the music is actually running through my head right now. It's about two young girls who's father moves them to the country. Their mother is sick ans stays behind in the hospital. There, they become good friends with spirits of the forest that only they can see. I loved the story and animation. The magic, and the reverence of life just shines through this film. This is one movie that I'll hate to return to Netflix and I can see it joining our collection in the foreseeable future. I have also bought my first mp3 download from Amazon: The Wind Forest from the movie. I really like the music; it's relaxing. I was hoping to find a sound track but no such luck. :(

LOL. My darling Kitty is so cute. Our desktop is a beautiful wolf in an autumn forest. It "howls" at us when we mini/maximize something or when we try to do something that it doesn't want to do (such as close a window when it's busy). I did something, it howled and Kitty let off with a burst of her own little howls. :D

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