Well, here I am, a day late. Ah, well. I'm just glad I was able to get home on Carey's bday even if it was later than expected. Dad was nice, and surprised me with a full tank on the van so I could get home. So there I was, early afternoon, putting laundry out on the line when I step on a darn yellow jacket. I pull up my foot to get a look, and the thing is still attached. I brush it away and it had the gall to not only leave the stinger behind, but the poison sack as well. And to top it all off, my mother is laughing her ass off as I hop around on one foot trying to get the stinger out. Sigh. So they dig out a penny to put on it (I'm serious, the copper really does help the surface pain. The older, the better; especially before 1965.) and it helps a bit but enough of the poison got in that my foot was really stiff, my leg muscles ached and I actually got sick to my stomach. I haven't been bit in years, and I don't remember hurting this much before. Later, since it was still stiff and hurt quite a bit, my grandmother put some sort of emu oil pain management oil on it. I was surprised but it helped quite a bit considering it was just oil and assorted essential oils. It's super expensive, but perhaps if it would help poor Carey's knees and if I could make it last a few months that might make it more affordable.

So I didn't feel up to driving home that night and planned to get out of my parents on my way by 12 the next day. Of course, that didn't happen. I woke up to Kitty puking everywhere and both of the girls running fevers. Deedee was also complaining of a sore throat. I remembered about the strep throat going around so I play phone tag for the next hour with my doctor's nurse. I was able to finally get them in, but it would be so late in the day that I wouldn't get to spend the afternoon with Carey as I had planned. :( The rat would take part of his birthday off from work. :D The good news is that neither of the girls have strep throat. Yay. Deedee didn't have a UTI as I've been worried about lately either. I had a spare sample cup left over from Kitty that I used so I could have a sample ready for the doc. Bleh. I had to bribe my daughter with fruit snacks to get her on the toilet but hey, it worked. LOL Kitty's tests also came back good. They can't find a darn thing wrong with her to explain her weight problem. So I guess I'll have to give her whole milk, and let her eat whenever and whatever she feels like. We'll see how it is in a few months the next time she sees the doc.

So, it wasn't until after 7 that I got home today. Sigh.... At least Carey enjoyed himself. Apparently, this afternoon he took a long nap before joining his friends to go bowling. He was also excited that he got a glowing review from his employer. He had picked up a pizza for dinner. Unfortunately, I had not had time to make or order him a cake but I did have the foresight earlier today to buy him a chocolate silk pie so at least I have something for him. I was also disappointed that the saki set we ordered for him hasn't arrived yet. It's a lovely one that James helped pick out and I can't wait until it comes in. I showed him a pic of it tonight and he quite liked the warm orange and tan glaze. I was happy, however, when I discovered my new shopping bag had come arrived from California. Yay.

Kitty is quite enamored of cats. She loves holding onto my parents kitten Trixie and petting her while she chants "gentle". Last night, I happened to be holding one of my parents old males, Tiny. He loves to be held and petted, and he even consents to give hugs once in a while. My mother happened to be standing next to me, holding Kitty. Kitty started squirming and squeaking, wanting in my lap. The little traitor. She didn't want me, she wanted Tiny. As soon as she was in my lap, she gathered the poor old boy up in a huge bear hug, and then I could have sworn she said "my cat" before she settled down to her usual ritual. Sigh... I really wish we could have a cat right now. The feral cats that were giving me a small "fur baby fix" each day just by the fact t hat I was able to see the running around have been caught and taken to a new home. I was quite disappointed when I discovered that today. :(

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