I've turned in Kitty's tests. There was barely enough urine in her cup. I was afraid we were going to have to do it again but so far they haven't called back.

We went to see Julius but found a note saying that my SIL had taken him to the clinic. Apparently, he had a nasty mucus buildup, he gagged and puked everywhere. There was a nasty glob of mucus on his chin when he was done, so like new mamma's everywhere, she panicked. The doc said he's fine. He thinks it's just all the smoke in the air from the fire that's irritating his lungs. He might also be lactose intolerant. They had walked to the clinic (my wonderful brother had wound up with both sets of car keys with him at work) so it was a good thing we took the car seat with us. When Charlie showed up at the clinic, he was able to give them a ride home. Jamie didn't need to be walking that far only a week after a c-section.

After everyone got back, we visited with Jaimie's mother Laurie? and her son Noah. LOL, Noah spent more time with the kids than anyone else; he's only 8. He must have been a big surprise at 20 years younger than his sister. Kitty was really cute although she agitated Jaimie. I was holding Julius and Kitty decided that she wanted to be in my lap too. She crawled up there and at first I thought she was going to squish the poor little squirt but I was able to settle her beside me before that happened. But then she started "petting" him and saying "gentle" (yes, she really was saying that) but a few times the way she was bringing her arm down it looked like she was hitting him but she never did.

Jaimie is also being protective of him because she found out that a family who visited the day before had a daughter who came down with strep throat. Jaimie was not happy when she came home to find the woman holding him and her daughter kissing him on the mouth. You never kiss a baby on the mouth let alone one that little. Jamie is not very close to the woman; she's the girlfriend of one of my brothers good friends, which is why they were there, in the first place. She doesn't take a bath very often, her shirt was filthy, and she also doesn't take very good care of her kids. So, yeah, Jaimie was pissed when she found out about that. The friend wanted to talk to Charlie (my brother) and wasn't happy when they had to stay outside. My mother also warned Charlie to take a hot shower and put on clean clothes as soon as he was done talking to him before he went near Julius again. I hope he paid attention to the warning. It took a long time for him to get his boy and he doesn't need to mess it up now.

There was also a big fight. There is a neighbor who ignores his son and pretty much lets him do whatever he wants. The boy was throwing big rocks at people, and he also cut Noah's arm with glass. So then Jaimie goes out and tells the kid to stay away from her family and if he didn't like it, he needed to go home and tell his dad. Then here comes his dad banging on the door and screaming that they need to leave his kid alone; that if the boy has done something wrong they need to come to him, the dad. Of course, that's totally ignoring the fact that Jaimie and Charlie have done that before and he totally ignored them. This man was using some of the nastiest words out there and in front of little kids! A woman complained and the guy screamed at her to get her kids back in f&#^$*& house. I thought he was going to hit Jaimie there for a minute. He was so angry that he was shaking. Of course, he never did do anything to the kid. His excuse? The boy has ADHD and he doesn't understand what he's doing. But that is no excuse to do whatever you want and get away from it. Noah is also ADHD and I didn't see him tearing around the play area attacking the other children and waving a lighter around threatening to set everything on fire. Which, of course, would be really bad. The fire season is extreme in St. Maries right now and the other fire isn't even out yet although I've heard that it's 50% contained now, which is good.

We stopped off for a bucket of chicken on the way home. We were all starving and that was the easiest stuff I could think of. Poor little Charles got bit by a wasp when he stuck his hand in the bucket for more chicken. Other than that, the kids ate good, got ice cream all over them and had to be dunked in the tub. I ask James how his day was since I left both of the boys at home. He started telling me that they had gone swimming. And then he told me that all of the people he was with had gone skinny dipping. That in itself doesn't bother me, although I hope that they didn't get up to any hi jinks. I also really need to break James of using the word "bobo's" in reference to breasts. He was all excited over that bit and he says he can't wait to tell his dad. LOL, I have a feeling my boy is going to be a breast man when he grows up.

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