While I was still in St. Maries and we worried about the strep throat scare, I had Carey make an appointment for the boys to have cultures taken. By then, I was pretty sure they didn't have it so it was just a formality. I left early because of all the construction. It took me almost thrity minutes to go only 11 miles but still, that's not too bad. I've heard of stops last almost 4o minutes through there when they're doing a lot of blasting. James opened his window and had fun watching all the big trucks and equipment. The visit at the doctor when quickly. The throat cultures took only 5 minutes and then we were free to go as soon as the kidlets chose their stickers.

On the way back, James was just as glued to his window. He got super excited when he happened to wave to truck and it honked back at him. He loved it. The truck even gave him a last honk as we turned in at McDonalds. Carey had told them they would get to go if they behaved and they did an admirable job. THe only upset was over the stickers, when Deedee decided that she didn't like the one she chose afterall and tried to get a new one. She was quite put out when I explained that she couldn't and would just have to be content with the crumpled mess she had made of her first sticker.

They did very well at McDonalds too. I let them choose Happy Meals, although in the future, I think not again. Next time I'll just get them milks and the little apple walnut snack trays. None of them finished their entire meal and Deedee didn't even touch her hamburger. However, I had gotten one of the little snack trays for Kitty and her siblings ate more if it than she did and they kept fighting over it everytime I turned around. They all made it out of of the play area in one piece and were tired enough for naps when they got home.

After their father got home, I went shopping for a few necessities and then got quite embarrased when my card was declined. I knew the money was in the account, so I couldn't understand why it was happening. So I had to leave the stuff there and went home to talk to Carey. He went back, had no problem using his card and then showed me a letter when he got home. Apparently, the company that watches for fraud for our bank thought they saw some fishy transactions through my card. They sent the letter wanting to enquire about them and I was supposed to call back. Carey had opened the letter, decided that it was a hoax and set it aside. I don't know why he couldn't have called the bank to ask about the authenticity of the company or it's letter. Sigh.... so I have no idea what's going on. At least we can still access our account but so far every time I've tried to call the company, I was put on hold and when one is chasing around four little one's, I can't always hold a phone to my ear. I'll have to try again on Monday since I didn't get a chance today.

James had his second session with Kelly today. He enjoyed the little magnetic airplane board. He also liked the little book about tooth fairies that she read and he couldn't resist showing off his teeth. It was then that I noticed that there's no room for his two newest teeth coming in, on the bottom front. So, essentially, one is being pushed behind the other. So I made a dentist appointment to have it checked. I'm concerned about it, especially with the tooth problems that I've had myself. So he'll get a cleaning, and the dentist will let me know if there's anything to really worry about.

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