Garrrr.... Where does the time go? Wednesday was nice. It was one of those perfect days with just the right amount of sun, clouds and breeze. I took the kids to see The Last Mimzy. It was the last summer matinee of the season and we had free tickets from the reading program. It's one that none of us have seen yet. Two siblings begin to develop special talents after they find a mysterious box of toys. Soon the kids, their parents, and even their teacher are drawn into a strange new world and find a task ahead of them that is far more important than any of them could imagine! The idea of resorting to the past to save the future is nothing new. There are plenty of books and movies on the market that cater to that thought. However the idea of resorting to children because of their pure souls and ability to understand the impossible is what grabbed me in this movie. It is very true that children are better be able to comprehend the unusual, and that we should pay them more heed. I loved the premise behind the story although there were several plot lines that didn't seem to go anywhere, the acting was stiff and hokey at times, and there bits of the plot that just didn't sense because they weren't fully described or given a chance to play out. However, I quite agree with Susan Granger's review: With its spiritual and metaphysical message, this fun-filled family entertainment goes far beyond whimsy.

This movie was based on Lewis Padgett’s “All Mimsy Were the Borogroves” which you can read (part or complete, I'm not sure) here. Granted, there is only superficial resemblance between the written work and the movie (isn't that how it always is?) but I could still see the flavor behind it. The analogy of children thinking in algebra while adults think in geometry is quite true. There is so much that we miss simply because we've been trained to ignore it and no longer have the capacity to see even if we wanted to. You can see the official site here.

After escaping from the theater, I took the children to Friendship Square, a small meeting area only a block away from the theater with a nice play structure. The kids were hungry and I wanted to just sit and not worry if they're screaming and running around. Of course, as soon as we get there, I turn around to find Charles watering a tree and James is jumping up and down holding his butt. So I left Charles & Deedee with my friend Patty, whom I had run into at the theater and had come with us to the park. I hauled James to the winery to use the facilities in relative private. He also enjoyed visiting with his grandfather for a bit. Of course, as soon as I got back I was regaled with stories about Deedee falling and bleeding all over the place (split lip, she's fine) and Charles going on walkabout. Apparently, he had taken off after me but couldn't find me. A man found him, figured out where he was supposed to be and hauled him back. Charles had been wandering up and down the walkway yelling for me. Poor little guy but he had been told to stay there at the park. I'm just relieved that he didn't get hurt.

It was high time for the kids to have a nap by the time we got home. It was already late enough that as soon as they woke up we were off to a large potluck that the UU put on. It was the first annual pastors hot dog roast. The turn out wasn't very big, and of course we were a bit late so the pickings were getting slim. However our smoked salmon that we took was quite a hit and it disappeared quickly. My friend Marisa was even later than we were and there definitely wasn't much left by then. However, she had brought an excellent watermelon and we were quite lucky that there happened to be a nice big knife in our picnic basket or we would have been SOL with no way to cut it. The kids had a blast running around and Deedee especially attached herself to one girl. She adores Audrey and I have to admit that Audrey is awesome with the kids. She seems to genuinely enjoy being with them and isn't just doing it for money or because her parents are making her. I have not problems at all entrusting Deedee to her care if I need a babysitter. Her father is also one of Carey's instructors this fall. Carey is looking forward to the class although he was complaining about his reading load last night. LOL His list for all classes combined is 25 books. Ah, well. He's still happily looking forward to it although he isn't happy that summer's almost over. Gah, I can't believe it's August already. Where's the time gone?

When we got home from the picnic, we were surprised by two small visitors. It was the two feral kittens that live under our building. A neighbor boy had come looking for Charles and left the door open. I had left some salmon juice on the counter (with the intention of giving it to them later) and I guess they must have smelled it. The kids were all upstairs and Carey and I were in the living room when I spied one of them coming down the stairs. In the attempt to chase it outside, we discovered the second one. We finally got the first one out, but the second one got under the desk and tangled itself in the computer wires. Carey wound up getting scratched getting that one out, so he's not very happy.

Thursday........... hrmm, well I don't remember what happened on Thursday. I can't believe my memory is that bad. :( Oh, no, I remember. I won the monthly raffle at Eco Child's Play. Every month, a hemp shopping bag with the logo screened on it is mailed out to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment on one of her posts to be entered for your chance to win. I can't wait until it comes in. I'm so excited!

Friday, I got to come up and see my nephew Julius. He's adorable and I can't wait to get pictures. I also took Kitty to the doc. He's worried about her. In the last four visits (so six months?) she hasn't gained any weight at all. She's been hovering right around 16 1/2 lbs. For her first several months, there was a nice perfect line making it's way up the chart. She was right on time with everything. Now, it's flat lined. :( At least she's growing. She has grown almost three inches in the last 5 months. So the doc is performing some tests. It took three people (not including me) to hold her while they took some blood. I held her, one man held her arm steady, a woman stuck the iv in and held it while a third man filled the vials. Poor little doll. I took her out for a tiny ice cream cone after it was done. I also have to get a urine and stool sample from. Sigh.... Yuck.

We got the stool sample no problem. But it's really annoying trying to get a urine sample. I was given some special baggies to stick to her that collects the urine when she pees. They are a pain in the butt to put on little girls. Even my grandmother (an RN) said that it was quite often to go through several baggies before they get enough from the little ones. It's too easy for them to leak and to come off. The first time I put it on her, she barely piddled and it wound up leaking. Grrr...... so I was letting her air out for a bit before I put the second one on her. I don't want her to develop a reaction to the adhesive. The little stinker proceeded to flood my lap and the floor around the chair I was on. The little snot was holding it! Which means that she has enough bladder control to start potty training. LOL She's done messed up.

A fire had started only a few miles outside of St. Maries and it was already bad enough that homes were being evacuated. It was actually on the news that night. I guess they're calling it the Echo Springs Fire. Last I heard there were over 100 firefighters trying to get it controlled and several families had been evacuated. We saw the smoke and it was all hazy but it wasn't until that evening that we found out exactly where it was although we figured it was around Shay Hill and Cherry Creek and we were right. They have no idea why or how it started. I did find it interesting that the Red Cross set up shelters at the High school for the displaced families, but not one chose to stay instead heading to the fairgrounds. I must admit I don't really know why Red Cross chose the High School over the fairgrounds in the first place. St. Maries is one of those redneck towns that care just as much for their animals as themselves. The High School was not adequately set up to care for animals while it was perfect at at the fair grounds. From what I heard, there were goats, chickens, a steer, lots of cats and dogs, and even pigs. That just goes to show that the Red Cross really doesn't know hot to do anything very well and it's just one more reason to avoid them. It's not really as charitable of an institution as they would like people to believe. Hearing of their mismanagement of not only funds but people and supplies did not help with my estimation of them.

On Saturday, we had a family party to welcome the little guy. We had an awesome dinner of corned beef, cabbage, my mom's famous scalloped potatoes, and one of my favorites, pistachio salad. The corned beef was excellent. We stuck it in a crock pot in apple cider for several hours and it came out just falling apart and with the perfect sweet flavor that I love so much.

Today we just spent vegging out around the TV although I did manage to get several loads of laundry out and hung on the line. I'm hoping to be able to go home tomorrow (Monday) but it depends on what the doc says after getting Kitty's test results. I've had to run back and forth to town more than we planned on while I was up here for Julius so now I'm not sure if I'll be able to go home before Friday. I might have to wait until pay day. Which really sucks since Wednesday is Carey's bday.

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