He's here!!!! Ernest Julius Louis Christian III arrived early this morning weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long. This is my oldest brother Charlie's first little one and according to family, they still haven't been able to scrape him off the ceiling. I can't say as I blame him. And, of course, according to our mother, he looks just like his daddy. Isn't that what the fond gramma's always say? As for me, we'll wait and see I guess. I don't get to see the little squirt until Friday. :( I can't wait though.

Today was hectic. The weather was gorgeous. That perfect mix of heat with a few clouds and a light breeze. I only wish I could have spent more time outside. But, I managed to do several loads of laundry, clean the living room, AND still gossip with a neighbor while chasing kids. And, of course, I also had my nose glued to Never Winter Nights 2. Carey got it as an early birthday present so I'm just as glued to it as I was to the first one. Heh, heh.

Some kids did something very stupid today. Apparently, a bunch of them were climbing around in an empty building, two of which climbed onto the roof. One of them jumped and got hurt pretty bad. Last I heard, they weren't sure if he'd broken an ankle, the leg, tore something or sprained it really bad. But the cops, ambulance and fire engine all arrived to make sure the kid was ok. The only reason I know about this is because the son of the said neighbor I was gossiping with was the one that didn't jump. He does admit that he planned to, but then decided he shouldn't when he saw his friend crying. Bleh. Stupid kids. They all deserve a smack up side the head although I think the one that got hurt has learned his lesson. Sigh....... one girl especially deserves at least a good talking to. When I first met her, I was charmed by her good manners. Of course, that was before I found out she was really good at being in on the trouble but as soon as she realizes that hey, she's going to get into trouble to, she's off and tattling to the nearest adult. She came and told us about it, that my neighbors son was one of the kids on the roof, etc. but never one word that she had been goading the boys into jumping by calling them wimps and sissies among other choice names. While the boys were acting stupid and shouldn't have been up there in the first place, she still bears some responsibility as to what happened. James is no longer aloud to hang around her and I have started actively encouraging her to not hang around. I think she's going to be a great one for getting people into trouble once she hits high school.

There are some feral cats that live under our building. I have quite taken a liking to them. Especially one rather sweet gray one. I wish they weren't so feral. I would like to pet them once in a while. But it's probably better that I am unable to touch them. There's less chance for an attachment issue and there's no telling how long they'll be here before they're caught and hauled off to the local shelter. The grey one is the boldest. Several times I have surprised it in our dining room. I felt horrible today. It went streaking out so fast that it beaned itself on our grill outside.

Charles was pleased with himself. He has made a friend. Although I must admit that I'm not sure if he likes Micheal for his own sake or if he just really likes Micheal's toys, videos and game console. LOL I hardly saw my little monkey at all today. This is a new experience for me; a child spending time at a friends house. He must have really enjoyed it though. He came home in a good mood and asked to go back tomorrow.

Kitty herself was also very busy today. She helped hang laundry (pulled it off the rack faster than I could put it on), raided the fridge (huge mess, candied pineapple everywhere), fought her sister over an empty soda can and won, helped in the garden, ate the first pepper of the year, paraded up and down the stairs several times and just generally sat around looking cute.

Deedee was miss mamma today and was very sweet with her babies. I got her a tiny moses basket some time ago and recently she dug out an old rabbit skin that I gave them to play with a long time ago. She lined the basket with it and then announced that it was "soft". She was also adorable at dinner. She was quite happy singing "happy birthday to me" and I think she would still be singing it if her father hadn't put the kibosh on it because it was time for her to go to sleep.

James was he usual normal gregarious self. He played outside most of the day. When he wasn't outside getting into mischief, he was begging me to let him ride his bike. Today was the last day of no bikes after he got into trouble. Not only was he caught riding his bike with no helmet (he loses it for a day just for that), but he kept getting onto other trikes that belong to neighbor kids after repeated warnings against it. So he lost it for three days. His favorite activity is to go to the top of the incline outside of our building, sit on whatever wheeled conveyance he could get his hands on and proceed down the hill as fast as possible. At least he's learned how to hold his feet out of the way after tearing a chunk off the end of one toe. I have tried repeatedly to get him to stop. Unfortunately, several of the other neighbor kids are allowed to do it so it's rather difficult. So, barring keeping him locked inside all day, I just don't know what else to do. I thought a few crashes would get it through is head but it never has. :( He almost got ran over today. He had walked down to the mail boxes, turned around to come back and one of the maintenance vans came roaring through. The damn thing didn't even slow down to make sure there weren't any kids around, which was extremely stupid. While that area does allow vehicular traffic, it's still mainly a public walk way. So there are tons of kids on it all the time. I called Carey and he called the boss. He took it up as far as he could go in the appropriate channels. Apparently, they'll get some speed limit signs put up. While I understand that particular maintenance worked has a lot to do before tomorrow, he still had no excuse speeding through an area where he knew children could be at play.

This evening, after the kids were put to bed, and James was done with his lessons (today, we worked more on memorizing our phone number, he learned about C and also worked more on memorizing this weeks rhyme, Two Cats.), Carey and I watched Greenfingers. A young man is in jail for killing his brother when he is sent to a revolutionary program. There, he learns the joy of gardening and what happens when the director of the program assigns him and a small group of men as gardeners. It was a nice movie, and I would recommend it. It's along the same line as Calendar Girls (in fact, Helen Mirren is in both of these), and Kinky Boots. I highly enjoyed all three of these films, and I hope to acquire all of them.

Kinky Boots

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