Bleh. I have really got to start posting a little something every night instead of updating this every few days or so. I forget too much! :D

James has been having a blast learning about bugs and stuff this week. He is having a blast with his curriculum and I'm so happy we went with Oak Meadow. Some of the stuff he did this week was draw a big B and illustrate it look like a bear, he learned Ladybug Ladybug, he learned about the life cycle of butterflies and moths, he made a life cycle mobile, he made coffee filter butterflies, learned about opposites, drew a sun and moon in his math book to illustrate not only the number two but the difference of night and day, and he even illustrated the life cycle in his science book. And to carry on with the bug theme, he decorated our marker board with several bug stickers that I didn't even know we had. He did a great job, and it looks really cute.

On Thursday was the University employee family pool party. It started at 8 p.m. which was a bit late but it was a special occasion so we went anyway. The whole was reserved for the party. There was food, games and fun. The door prizes were cool and Charles wound up with a Harry Potter poster. Unfortunately, the whole thing ended early. We'd been there approximately an hour when the thunder rolled through and the lightening flashed. :( So everyone got kicked out of the pool. Charles and Meradydd were already out. The had curled up on our blanket and were busy stuffing themselves with hot dogs, chips, cookies and watermelon. And Kitty was with me so that left James to find. I was worried about him with all the people milling around. He might forget where our blanket was. I finally found him standing all forlorn on the side of the pool and not understanding why the life guard wouldn't let him go back in. So I had to explain to him why it was so dangerous while we walked over to round up his siblings. That, of course, is when it decided to dump on us. I tried to deposit him under a big umbrella only to be informed that with the lightening, it wasn't a good idea. So every one that hadn't left piled in under the eating pavilion. We wound up sharing a table with two other families. The kids all ate popsicles while Carey read the tickets for the raffle. LOL Both people in charge of it had forgotten their glasses. But still, it was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. The kids were exhausted when we got home and went straight to bed after a quick dunk in the shower.

On Friday, James did great with his speech therapy, even though it was a different therapist. His usual therapist suffered a nasty fall and fractured her lower back so she's on bed rest for a couple more weeks, at least. So they transferred him to a different therapist, at least for now. I was concerned that he wouldn't cooperate with her but after a few confused moments he had no problem settling in with her and doing whatever she asked.

On Saturday, I had a yard sale. I only made $5 but hey, my friend Marisa did it with me so at least I wasn't bored out of my mind just sitting out there. She, of course, made over $20. It was still nice being able to visit with her and my neighbor Patty. We packed it in at 2 and I let Patty take whatever she wanted. It was stuff that I didn't need and sorely needed to get rid off while she on the other hand has very little. Whatever they were able to fit into a two door car around four people is all they were able to bring. At 3, I was off downtown for an appointment to get my hair cut. Yep, you read it right. My hair is now several inches shorter. I haven't had it cut since before I was pregnant with Meradydd but it's been coming for quite a while now. Kitty loves to pull it, Carey thinks short hair is sexier than long hair, and since we've moved I've had trouble getting it clean enough with the lower water pressure. I've been debating it for some time now but what finally put me over was seeing a picture taken of me at James' party. I had pulled my hair back in an inverted pony tail, one of my favorite styles and I looked horrible. So it was time. Plus, I was able to talk the hairdresser into doing it for free. So it was like everything pointed to getting my hair cut. So off I went. Carey didn't know. He thought I'd be downtown with Marisa. He had no idea until I walked in with my hair still damp from the washing it got and a foot shorter. LOL, the look on his face was priceless. He's much happier now. He even bought me some pretty hair clips and pins at Claires. :D

On Sunday, we had a nice ride out to Ross. Carey needed new work jeans and I wanted to try and find a curtain for our bedroom window. The plan was to stop at McDonalds on the way home for the kids to have ice cream. But then we found out that there was an ice cream social slated that afternoon so we thought heck, why not? That way the kids would get free ice cream. Unfortunately, we never made it. :( Carey talked me into stopping at Taco Time on the way home. Everyone was starving and it was six taco's for $6. That slated the kids although Carey and I were still pretty hungry. I was thinking about what I could dig out at home when our guardian angle descended upon us. Another family with several boys had ordered more than they could eat and instead of throwing it away, they gave it to us. A huge plate of nachos and some little tacos. Wow. So yeah, if any of us left there hungry, it was our own darn fault.

Later that evening, I went out with a group of women. We went to a secluded camp ground and celebrated the full moon. It was absolutely beautiful last night; it was so big and bright that I couldn't resist opening our blinds and basking in the light as I fell asleep. That was later though. When I joined the other women, it was still light out. We called in the quarters with a beautiful song that I need to get a copy of. Then we called in the energy that we were releasing back out upon the world by walking in a circle and shaking, rattling or drumming our chosen instrument. One women even had a violin. It felt wonderful. After that, we read about the coming moon (what house it's in, etc.) and then read our horoscopes. Mine was right on, talking about seeking another group of women that were like minded, etc. Which, of course, is what I had just done. Then everyone sat down, and we pulled cards from several decks of oracle cards. After a time of meditation, and reading the little books for the different decks to help understand the mean of the card, each person discussed what they thought the cards were saying to them. My cards were very relevant. They spoke of strength, new beginnings, coming into my own, spiritual enlightenment, and one thing that was very stressed was a rest. I needed to just get away from it all; both physical and mental. After all of the women were done speaking, we released the quarters with another circle only this time we brought energy back into us. I was so refreshed and happy when it was time to go. I'll definitely look forward to this again next month.

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Jenny said...

I just wanted to stop in and say how much I enjoy your blog! I've found so many interesting links here.

I cut my hair off just over a year ago, and I love it. Like you, all I ever did was pull it back into some kind of ponytail, and I was so sick of it. I never got ant cute hair clips though- what a good idea!

I've only been Pagan for six months or so, but I thought your description of the full moon celebration sounded magical. I don't know when I'll be ready to try and meet with other Pagans, but your meeting with the other women has got me thinking about it now.

And I know what you mean about posting more often than every few days- I've gotten bad about that myself.

Anyway- love your blog, and I'm so glad I found it!