This morning rain blew in and the air has a wonderful clean scent to it. It was coming down so hard that it was bouncing back up on the pavement. Charles couldn't find his rain boots and was dissapointed that he couldn't play outside. I'll have to find something to occuply them for most of the day that doesn't involve the TV. I guess it's time to make a new batch of playdo, which is especially appropriate as I just got an Usborne book about playdough with lots of recipes and activities on freecycle. It's out of print, but I tried to find it on Amazon to look at feedback and stuff. Hah, the only copy was being sold for $79 and there wasn't any feedback. I'm heartily sick and tired of seeing being sold for such huge amounts. Yes, it's oop, but there's nothing special about it! It's just a small paperback with maybe 30 pages (and my copy had a blue marker taken to it). If a book is super rare, or a first edition I might understand the high price. I just don't get asking $80 for this though. It would be too much at $20!

I relaxed on the porch for a while this morning. The last several days have been very hectic so I felt it well deserved. My little garden is going great. I was getting annoyed/worried about my big half barrels. I'd planted a bunch in them only to have very few shoots come up. However, the last few days things have just shot off and now sprouts are finally coming up. The corn is looking great and I've got my fingers crossed all will be well with them. The green beans I planted aren't coming up. However, and extra seed I had I poked in a extra in different pot and it's come up with no problem. I don't know what the differance is but I guess it's significant.

Carey was able to check out a key for our new unit, so I got to take a look at it today. He didn't have it for long. He was home on his lunch break, and he had to be with me. But I was able to stay there long enough that some of my questions were answered. For instance, we'll be putting the kids together in one room again, however we aren't putting them in the room I'd originally planned for them. So I'm going to have to get the wood together to make a trundle bed for Deedee. We may or may not be able to fit the boys dressers in the clost. That depends on measurements and stuff. In the end, they may wind up in seperate rooms after all. We'll see when we start moving in. However, I am excited to note that my chest freezer will actuall fit in one end of the huge laundry closet in the dining room. So that's one less thing that I have to find room for in the dining room. I also want to put the desk in there, but Carey has said he might like it in our room too. The problem is space. :( Our new bedroom is much smaller than our current one and there is stuff that' we're going to have to get rid of. No if's, and's or but's about it. Sigh......

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