We got a bunch packed up and into storage so I'm pleased with that. More room to work in, less to go through, etc. I found time to finish the little sweater and I'll be getting pics of that posted soon I hope. I have also started my second one although I'm making it a bit bigger in hope that it will fit Kitty.

I have noted more that I know I can get rid of so that will be making it's way out soon. This weekend was really hot so I was able to catch up on a lot o fthe laundry. It was easy to just to hang it outside to dry and I got through several loads that way. We had our foodstamp recertification appointment for the next six months . It went quite well I thought, and there's only a little bit that we need to get together for them. For once, it seemed easy, but we'll see on July 3 if things got messed up again or not. It has every time before, so it would be a refreshing change for things to go right for once. The only thing that was a bit annoying was that Carey was informed he had to work at least 20 hours a week or our foodstamps will go down. So he has to drop an extra class he wanted to take this fall since it bumped him down to only 15 hours a week. :(

I took Kitty to a birthday party for Avi. All of the kidlets had been invited, but James wasn't here and the other two hadn't settled down for naps before I left. It was a cute party but of course the first thing Avi did when I got there was bap poor Kitty upside the head with her own sippy. I just don't understand his fascination with her and Marisa said he'd been very well behaved before I got there. Sigh...... perhaps there's some karma between them or something. She loved the Rio De La Plata wool I got for her to make him something with. I thought it was appropriate and I couldn't think of anything else to get for him. I also printed out a little card for him using an illustration by Jan Brett. I love the whimsical quality of her books & illustrations. And I had a "duh" moment. I've been using a photo edition program for some time, and I only just discovered that I could have been using it for some time to fashion my own birthday cards vs. messing around in paint and word for several hours.

We did a bunch of cleaning that night. Carey was annoyed with me when he went to get some glass cleaner only to remember that we'd gotten rid of all the chemicals. So I made him a 50/50 solution of vinegar & water in a spray bottle and gave it to him. He was surprised it worked quite well. I like it because it's safe (don't have to worry about the kids helping), and it's a multi surface cleanser depending on the job (no more switching through several different bottles just to do one job). He then had the gall to complain of the smell! It doesn't last long, but I admit it did smell of vinegar for a while. I asked him if he preferred the chemical smell from the other cleansers and he looked a bit sheepish before replying that no, he didn't. A friend of Carey's stayed with us on Sunday. He came up from Wyoming to clean out his storage. We hit the jackpot when he gave us several big boxes of fantasy books that wouldn't fit in his car. He wound up with heat exhaustion and got sick even though he had drank lots of water and gatorade. :( I guess it was a good thing I kept the kids inside most of the day then. It was that night that Kitty was such a little pill and we still haven't figured out what her problem was. She was just fine last night.

Carey has passed his first final of the summer with flying colors and I'm very proud of him. The kids enjoyed playing keepaway with him but they finally tagteamed him with blankets and pinned his arms so he called uncle. I had fun watching them. LOL. I also made brownies that literally only needed yogurt added to the mix. It doesn't make a ton, but they're certainly very fudgy. I think I'll just stick to this mix from now on. It's expensive but it would make a very special treat once in a while.

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