Exhaustion Arrived on the 12:40

Sigh..... our wonderful Kitty decided last night was the perfect time to get sick. We went to bed and she curled up happily in front of the fan, snuggled in next to me and was soon away in slumber land. However, it didn't last long, maybe an hour. She woke up fussing, gave a huge belch and was starting to settle down when she started writhing again. She was holding herself so stiffly that when I tried to sit her up, she stood. Argh..... her father had to work today so I hauled her downstairs so as not to disturb him. So started two hours of shrieking that no amount of comforting would abate. She did settle down briefly to watch Kiki's Delivery Service, but was soon hollering again. I decided that she must be teething since she wouldn't let me anywhere near her mouth and when I barely brushed her gums she acted as if she were dieing. I gave her ice to suck on, hard stuff to chew on, stuff to numb the pain, etc. and nothing helped. She batted, threw, or spit it all away. I finally got some tylenol down her only to hear her start gagging mid shriek just as I had finished cleaning the syringe. She had puked everywhere. I got her to the top of the stairs only for her to puke again. So I woke Carey up to help me deal with it, gave her a bath, wrapped her in a towel and she was out. Oh, thank Goddess. So I piled back into bed with her, snuggled in and was asleep before my head had even hit the pillow. Not for long. This time she started screeching about 30 minutes later and puked all over the bed. Argh...... So I took her temperature since she felt warm but it wasn't elevated at all. However, because she was holding herself so stiffly, had been puking, and was screeching so much we called the doc. Sigh........ a waste of time. Because she didn't have a temperature, he felt it was nothing to worry about and didn't have an advice. I called my mom then to ask her a few questions only to be bitched out because I didn't have a water bottle. LOL I guess it really is time to buy one of my own. We deduced that since she calmed down in the warm water, having heat against her back might help her. Because of the arching, I gave her some Flethers of Castoria just in case she was constipated, attempted to take her temperature again (my thermometer sucks and doesn't work) and then took her back to bed. By this time, it's well after 3. Carey and I decide if she wakes up again, that I'll get up with her until 6, and then I'll get an hour sleep until he has to go to work. Bleh.... so she tosses and turns for the next few hours before finally falling into a deep sleep. However, in this time she has now developed a temperature of 102; I was able to find one of my digitals for once. I actually slept until 10. That's when I discovered that Carey had called in to work before we'd ever discussed sleeping shifts, the rat. She gets another bath to cool her off, she finally keeps some tylenol down and she's out again before I'd even laid her down to put a diaper on her. She slept for several hours and her fever has come down considerabley. She is feeling a little better. She's not listless anymore and actually had the gall to get mad at me when I took away a skein of pretty yellow yarn. She is finally asleep in my lap again, and two of my other hooligans (Yes, one is missing. I sold him to itinerant gypsies.) have finally decided that taking a nap isn't so bad after all so I think I shall try to get some more sleep myself. If that's possible. Sigh..... I was hoping to go to group today but with Kitty sick, it's just not possible. I think it's probably teething, as sensitive as her gums are. The puking was probably because she swallowed too much air screeching so much. However, just to be on the safe side, it wouldn't be fair for me to take my rugrats in case they make the other kids sick.

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