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Today, Jennifer Lance of Eco Child's Play, one of my favorite blogs, tagged me for the name meme. (She has a great post about it, so check it out.) Here are the meme directions: Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged. No, you do not have to give the children's names like I have. You can just post the meanings such as my daughter's name means "full of life" and then why you chose it.

I have tagged: Jammin, Keppy, Janet, Knitmoka, Laura

James Michael Scott ~

Carey actually named James, and he even chose the spelling. I wanted Jayms Micheil but Carey put his foot down on that one. I also wanted "Dugan" as a middle name; it's an old family surname but I don't remember why Michael was chosen instead. James actually means supplant, but I'm not sure whom he's supposed to be replacing. Michael means "gift from God" or "who is like God". James has a wonderful personality and he has wonderful leadership qualities. He has no nicknames or derivatives. We've tried calling him Jamie, Jimmie, Jim Bob (you can thank Granpa Stu for that one) etc. but none of them fit; he never answered to them when he was small and they never seemed right.

Charles Adryan Scott ~

I chose Charles because I wanted to name him after my maternal grandfather, whom I loved very much. It means man, or manly depending on what language you look at. I don't remember why I chose Adryan, only that I've always liked the name. Adrian itself means "from Hadria" but I replaced the I with a Y because I like numerology and he needed a 7 in his name. If looked at from another view Ryan means "little king". He is not called Charley(ie) either; it's just never suited him. He does however have a nickname - Washee. My mother gave it to him when he was still very small because he always ate a lot. I don't remember exactly what it means, but loosly is "little fat boy" or something like that. Which of course is a complete misnome so it's quite ironic. He's as skinny as a rail although he's my living garbage disposal and on a good day can outeat an adult.

Meradydd Anne Rhoisin Scott ~

When I was a girl, I kept a little journal where I would right names down that I liked with the thought that some day I would consult it when the time came and of course I did. I laughed at myself at some of the names I had written down and wondered what I was thinking at the time. Meradith happened to be one of them. But the spelling? Before I ever started having children, I read a book by Mercedes Lackey and there was an elf in it named Meradydd. Granted, it was a male but I just loved it so much and knew that someday I would have a girl named Meradydd and she's called Deedee. Meradydd is Gaelic for Little Lord or Sea Lord, depending on your sources. Mom says I'm already living up to this one and that I'm running rings around my brothers. :D It's pronounced Meradith. Anne is Hebrew for gracious. Mom says she really hopes I live up to this one. (Don't count on it.)Rhoisin is Gaelic for little rose. It's pronounced Rhasheen. (Yes, this was written as if a small child was talking. I copied it straight out of her web page. I was lazy. :D)

Kathrynn Elizabeth Eveline Scott ~

I was reading a book about Katharine Hepburn that I had borrowed from Carey's grandmother and the name Kathrynn Elizabeth floated into my head and with all my heart I knew I would have a little girl named Kathrynn and that I would be pregnant within the next year. I was right as she was conceived only a few months later. Eveline was added when a few months later my grandmother happened to mention it as her mother's middle name and it just clicked. Kathrynn is Gaelic for confident and full of life! It also means pure and virginal. Elizabeth is Hebrew for affectionate and intelligent. It also stands for Consecrated to God or Gods Promise. Eveline is Gaelic for light or life.

I know also that if I had had another boy, his name would have been William Patrick.


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