Save Our Wolves

God, I am so tired of hearing about this. Why can't these beautiful creatures be left alone! We all have a right to live together and it just sickens me to hear people talk about annihilating them. Especially our own beloved governor. Bleh. Hear the sarcasm?

Wolves are a huge part of the American heritage and we have an obligation to preserve them for future generations. Wolves are also a big part of our family and they can be found in several areas around our home, including beautiful windchimes, our computer desktop, pictures, and even a silver one that lives on the family altar.

We love wolves, and are prepared to do as much as we are able to save them, including a small donation and signing petitions. If you want to help too, here is a list of things you can do:

  1. Take Action! Sign the petition before it's too late. The deadline is May 9 and we're only a little over half way there. 200,000 signatures are needed.
  2. Learn more about recovery efforts.
  3. Give a contribution to The Defenders of Wildlife
  4. Subscribe to Defenders Wildlife eNews

Want to teach your little one's more about wolves? Check out Forest Cottage.

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