Wow, where has this week gone? The whole family has been sick a lot. I myself was laid low by a horrible headache for two days. This may or may not be related to exposure of a lot of mold. I was working in the office, with mold growing all up the window and all over the windowsill. Several times I messed with the curtains and opened the window to yell at James and totally without thinking stirred up all of that mold. Bleh. So Kitty and were sitting right beside that window for over an hour, which also may have contributed to a fever she had for three days. Then again, that might also be related to a little bug that seems to be going around with some other babies I know. However, she may have also had a fever because she's finally getting her first tooth! Yay. It's the bottom right front and you can just feel the top.

I didn't realize she was teething since I saw no buds. I finaly saw the telltale sunken fissure and when I ran a finger over it, I felt the top. Of course, I'm not sure if fissure is really the right term but I guess it gets across what I'm trying to say.

My nephew's shoes still aren't sewn. My friend Marisa was nice enough to let me use her machine, but it did the same darn thing that mine did. So I need to talk to Carey's mom and see if maybe she might help me figure it out. I've talked to my mom, but unfortunately she's too far away for us really to put our heads together and figure it out. Ah, well. I guess it doesn't matter right now since I was unable to make it to his party. We were all just too sick again. This whole mold problems is really just driving me up the wall and I'm heartily sick and tired of it. I'll be so glad when we move. I'm actually looking forward to it! Me! LOL So Carey and I are looking into renting some storage so we can start getting stuff out of the apartment that isn't absolutely necessary, making Moving Day that much easier and faster when it finally comes.

The children have been ingenious this week:

  1. The boys discovered that the hill is perfect to slide down on a slide (yes, even without snow). Yesterday, they discovered that the wading pool also works, and that both of them fit in it at the same time. LOL
  2. The all pretended that their dinner trays were steering wheels, and ran around as race cars. Yes, they even had the right sounds. Deedee won the race.

Of course, it also helps that we lost the keys to the DVD cabinet and couldn't watch any movies, so it forced the kids to use their imaginations.

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