Right now, I'm so pissed off that I want to scream. Or maybe hit something. Or even throw something across the room and break it. I'm just so sick and tired of being jerked around with regards to our new unit. Today, we found out that the dingbat who's job it is to assign units (a new position just made within the last few months) didn't do her job properly. All students are required to let the office know by a certain date if they would be moving on when they graduate, or if they would need to stay for a few extra months such as if children are in school, etc. When this person assigned us our unit, they had not yet heard from that student but because said student was graduating in May, she assumed they would be vacating the unit in May. Nope! They have children in school so won't be able to leave until mid June at the earliest! Carey has talked to several people in maintenance and janitorial and they said it would be pretty much impossible to turn that unit over by July 1, effectively saying that guess what, we're going to be in here for at least 2 1/2 to 3 more months. And right now, this unit isn't even being considered for a higher priority even though we were supposed to have priority in regards to finding a new unit because of the mold. So I really don't know what to do. I'll definitely carry on with renting a storage unit and getting stuff the hell out of here. And I can also look forward to warmer weather (it's been 70 the last few days although it's now raining) so I can start leaving windows open a lot to air the place out. I'm starting to think maybe we aren't meant to move, but I'm so leery of making that decision. I don't want sick children again this winter, even if I do have to get rid of lots of stuff. It's time anyway.
I also didn't get to go to my group today. :( Carey came home with an upset stomach and went straight to bed. And, of course, I couldn't just let the kids run around free. So today has been one big stressor and I feel stretched to the breaking point. Then again, it's really motivating me to clean and get rid of stuff, so maybe that's a good thing? LOL I am excited today though because a whole bunch of little seedlings sprouted outside over night. I'm not sure what I planted in that planter, but I seem to remember carrots, and maybe lettuce? I guess we'll be surprised.

I wanted to laugh at Deedee today. Carey asked her for a kiss and she said no, they were all gone. And then she got distracted by his Buddha belly and it took forever for her to finally get around to kissing him. Kitty's poor little tooth has totally broken through now, so perhaps it will be better for a little bit until the next one breaks through, which appears will be any day now. We definitely need to get her some teething stuff. The drops we got to try with her just don't work. Last night was the first night I'd been asleep before 2 a.m. in over a week but I still didn't feel any better. I'm so exhausted lately, which probably doesn't help my feeling of being stretched too thing.

I'm really looking forward to the Ren Faire this weekend though, and nothing will keep me from that. I'm still debating whether I should dig out my fancy renaissance dress or not. I'm also really looking forward to Church this weekend and spending time with my little ones at the Ren Faire. Unfortunately, we'll have very little to no money. :( We have a storage unit to rent, tags to renew on the van, life insurance to pay, and I also found out some books I ordered from Amazon that weren't supposed to be shipped until June have been shipped now. Sigh..... At least they're books I've really been looking forward to and I can't wait until they come in although I am in a little hot water over them right now. I'll just tell Carey to consider them my Mother's Day present, I guess. Books coming in:

Domiknitrix (This is absolutely wonderful stuff and you can find the author's blog here.)

Some cute pics:

Yes, I have finally posted one of our Easter pics. A great one of James.

Charles, the little eating machine that's gnawing on three ribs set aside for soup.

Pig Girl In A Bubble

Laughing Kitty

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