I'm very pleased with myself today. I did several things:

  1. I cleaned out a huge box of stuff from in the kitchen. (One of my goals that I've been ignoring for some time.)
  2. I made a new batch of laundry soap. I generally just make it out of baking soda & borax with any essential oils that I feel like at the the time but today I tried this recipe. I made it small to see how it turns out.
  3. I made my own brown sugar. Yes, it is too possible. And guess what? It tastes just like it does from the store. So no more not making something because I'm out of brown sugar. I can make my own! Another cool thing is that I can make it to taste, as light or dark as I wish. I did one tbsp of molasses per cup of sugar, and it was light. Perfect.
  4. I worked on my profile at SisterWoman. Their goal is to create a worldwide and supportive community that fosters real and supportive connections among women everywhere. If you like what you've seen so far, then check 'em out! You can view my profile here. I just wish I knew who invited me to this so I could thank them.

Deedee has been very sweet today. She's latched onto two baby dolls and has cared for them all day. She put them in Kitty's Johnny Jump Up and pushed them like a swing, she fed them, she even made a little bed for them. She was also adorable jumping around with her Sesame Street monster exercise DVD in her very own excercise outfit.

My molasses exploded too. Is it something to do with exposure to air? I left my jar sitting out, uncovered for a bit. I was trying to find the scissors to finish cutting off the plastic wrap, came back and it was everywhere! I thought at first the kids had put something in it, but they couldn't have. They were all busy elsewhere. Bleh. So I dumped it into a bowl while I cleaned up the jar and to try to save what was left. Even then, not all would fit back into the jar that I poured out of it. Interesting. Each of the kids asked for a taste. LOL The faces they made were priceless and the boys both wanted water to rinse out their mouths. I wonder what faces they would have made if I had used sulphured molasses?

Kitty made a huge mess today. I took the recycling outside to put them into the bins and was distracted when Deedee came running out starkers. LOL I loved the look on the postman's face. So I wasn't paying attention to Kitty when I hauled Deedee inside. I put some clothes on the little exhibitionist, turned around and Kitty was covered in fry sauce. Deedee must have given her the bottle and it has a fairly simple flip top cap so I'm not surprised she got it open. It was all over the side of her head and down around her neck and shoulders. Bleh. What a slimy mess.

I've calmed down a lot yesterday after I found out about the housing screw up but I'm still really upset about it. I'm just glad that we'll be able to get that storage unit within the next few days and all of this pent up energy and frustration can be taken out on packing stuff and either sending it to storage or getting rid of it completely.

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