Yesterday was beautiful, although it wasn't as gorgeous as today has the potential for. It's already 50, and there's not a cloud in the sky.

I took the kids to the upper play area again. I've been trying to do that every day for a little because they need to start getting to know the other children up there. However, now Carey says he doesn't want to move. They'll be repairing the roof on our building this summer, and they're also supposed to be applying something that is 100% effective killing mold on contact. However, I don't know how dangerous this stuff is, or if we'll have to vacate the premises while it's being applied. Logically, a new roof would prevent more mold from forming. However, I'm still leery about this. My family was constantly sick this winter because of the mold, and Kitty gave us a couple of nasty scare including having her chest xrayed in preparation of admittance to the hospital. The xray did show that it wasn't as bad as the doctor feared, but it was still scary. On the one hand I really want to stay where we're at. It's got an excellant play area, there are a ton of pine trees right out my front door, and it's a few minutes closer to school for Carey. The new unit has less living space (but more storage), smaller play area, no trees, and further for Carey to go. The only thing really going for the new unit is the amount of children for the kids to play with. There are only two children James age where we're at. When it's looked at like that, there should be no question which unit I would choose. However, there's the question of the mold. I just don't know what to do.

The kids had fun playing yesterday and we stayed out of the house for close to two hours. I talked to a couple of women I know, both of which live in the proximity of the new unit and have children James age. My friend Stephani lives in the same building as we would be moving into and it was here unit I took a look at. And while I do like the lay out, there is definitely a lot less living space. It's perfect for her small family; they only have two children. After I parted from her, we stayed a while longer in the play area. My little ones discovered a water spigot while I was talking to my friend Heather and Deedee had an impromtu shower. LOL. She was soaked. So then we had to walk home while Charles led the way. That was an adventure in itself and if I'd let him, he would have led us downtown. It took some tricky maneuvering the get him to choose the directions we actually needed to be going to get home. And Deedee was hugging trees! She was even talking to them. I wished I had the camera with me. Bleh... the batteries would be dead.

I tried to reschedule my Friday evening appointment to last night, however the woman got the message to late. In preparation for that, we did give the downstairs a quick spruce up. How do you like that? Quick. I love it. In less than an hour the dishes were done and put away, kitchen and living room were swept, and two children had had a bath and been put to bed. Carey also found time to unclog the bathroom sink. He had brought home a special plunger and a pipe wrench. I figure dit would just be a build up of hair. In the end, the assorted treasures found included a childs toothbrush, part of a pump from a soap bottle I threw away months ago, a D12 belong to our Dragonology game the kids got ahold of (great game), a penny, and hair clips. Wow, no wonder it was't draining.

It felt wonderful to have that much freedom and not worry about what needed to be done. In the end, Sydney couldn't make it because she got the message too late. However, that left Carey and I two hours to do whatever we wanted. Carey ran on a quick shopping trip for bread and he also stopped to rent a few movies. He chose Plains, Trains, and Autmobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy. It was cute.

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