Rainbows And Other Nonesuch

Last week, I happened to see a pic of a Fire Rainbow and was quite intrigued with it. I wasn't sure if it was actually real, or if it had been photo shopped. Well, I did the research and found out that it was actually a natural phenomena and are commonly known as circumhorizontal arcs. You can see a little more of what I learned here. I have always loved rainbows and the kids liked the pic too so we had some rainbow fun. One of the projects we did was painting rainbows. I recently bought real watercolor paper and paints to use with the children. They have done several pictures now although only their first one was on full size paper. While I love the idea of using the good stuff on them, even I can't sanction spending a ton of money on supplies for three children to use. So each page is cut in half to make it last longer. For the first time in at least 8 years, I actually sat down with some paper and paint to see what I would get. Here is the result.

Click here to get a closer look at it.

Interesting, huh? I'm not quite sure what to think of it. It is obviously a rainbow, and yet it's really overloaded with red. Anger? Or just an abundance of warm happy feelings? And the orange splotch to the right looks like a tree although I'm not quite sure what I was trying when I added that. I think I actually had too much paint on my brush and was rubbing some off on the tape along the edge. Everything is also slightly blurry, such as during a rainfall. Perhaps my path isn't clear and I need to work on that. don't know why those horizontal stripes showed up. They aren't in the copy I made, so perhaps it's from the texture of the paper.

This last week and a half have gone by at light speed and I don't understand where it went. We have been notified where our new unit will be. I was a little upset that we weren't aloud to pick and were actually assigned, but I suppose I can't complain too much. We'll be getting away from this horrible mold. I would have preferred an end unit vs. one smack in the middle of the building, but it is nice and close to the upper play area, so I guess that's a bonus. We will be moving at the end of June. Although, Carey just found out that cats live under and it smells like cat urine. But my friend Stephani lives in the same building, and she hasn't mentioned anything about it so I'm not sure. And I've never been inside her place (we haven't known each other very long) so I couldn't say for myself. Wherever we end up, I am starting to get excited about the move. Carey and I have started talking about when we should start packing and how to go about it since the move is two months away. I got the bright idea of renting a storage unit for a few months and as we get stuff packed up to move, it can either go to the storage unit or we can just get rid of it. Either way, it's out from under our feet and we'll have more room to sort through other stuff better. I have already started a list of the furniture and items we can do with out while it's in storage. I mean, if 90% of the books have been packed and put in storage, there's no reason for the shelves to hang around gathering dust and being in my way. In the end, I'm thinking that with stuff in storage I might find out that there's even more stuff I can do without and may be more willing to get rid of it.

We have shown the boys where our new home will be, and James has known for some time that we needed a new home because the mold was bad and making us sick. So James has started getting excited too and he's already trying to be helpful by packing up poor little Deedee's toys (except her trucks). LOL. The little bugger. He's too smart for his own good. Yesterday, he got in trouble for riding his bike without his helmet. I had warned him twice and the second time I caught him, he lost his bike for the day and it got chained up. I came out later to find him and one of his friends digging through stuff to get to Charles bike. I guess when he discovered that his bike wouldn't go anywhere, he'd steal his brothers. The little buggers.

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