Today wasn't too bad, I suppose. I finally pulled myself away from the original Little Shoppe of Horrors that the kids were watching and actually got out of the house for my ME TIME relatively on time. It was misting slightly, but I decided I would ride my bike anyway. A little wet never hurt anyone and to tell the truth I didn't even notice it except for the drops on my glasses. I stopped off at the Co Op first to get something for dinner and was pleasantly surprised to find out today was the annual Taste Fair. There were tables set up all over the store with free samples of food and different products. (What a wonderful way to have lunch.) I spent a nice two hours wandering around looking at stuff and talking to the different vendors. I even won a door prize; a small bag of samples. I tasted several items that I liked well enough to buy, as well as a few more to keep in mind. I had to remember that I was on the bike and although I did have the trailer, I still couldn't fit a ton in it.

My favorite non food sample was Nature's Baby shampoo. It had a nice tangerine vanilla scent that I found quite pleasing. I tried one of the small 10cc pouches on Deedee and Charles tonight in their bath. Deedee had gotten into the butter today and gotten it all through her hair. It was nasty and I had anticipated washing her hair at least twice to get it all out. I used about a third of the pouch the on her and it came out no problem. It left their hair with a nice scent as well as baby soft. This shampoo is expensive, but with the small amount needed for their hair, it would be worth it so I may buy some the next time I buy shampoo.

I discovered today that the Co Op has a punch card for purchases over $5 whenever you ride a bike instead of driving. Woohoo! That will come in very handy. I don't remember what she said I got when it was filled but I'll find out soon. I ride my bike to the store a lot, and it's hard to spend less than $5, especially when one is hungry. I also talked to the bakery to find out about ordering Deedee's party cake. I am so tired of the nasty fakey frosting on the cakes gotten at the grocery bakeries. They always make me sick. It will be a little more expensive, but so worth it.

It had stopped raining by the time I left and I happily made my way the few blocks to the library, anticipating a nice time curled up with some good books to take home with me as well as completing a few rows on James' bag. I had just reached the library when I remembered that I didn't have any mail with my address on it, so I couldn't get a card. They updated their systems last year, and everyone had to reapply for a card, something I had neglected doing. I really didn't feel like going in and just knitting so I decided to visit my friend Marisa instead. Besides, I had bought her a bottle of vanilla so I would drop if off at the same time. I stopped in to say hi to my old beautician and spent a few pleasant minutes talking to her. She was also the one that prepared Carey's grandmother's hair when she passed on. She had done a beautiful job.

Marisa and I had a nice time together and I actually got a row done on James bag. I had an hour to spend with her before I finally had to leave to be home in time for Carey to leave for his stuff. Even with traffic, it only took me 15 minutes to ride home. Not bad at all. My legs definitely felt a little sore when I got home today so I know I got a good workout.

The children were behaved well enough for Carey that they each earned their small packed of Sun Drops. Each boy got a small custard cup half full and they enjoyed their treat. Dinner was actually on time for once. We had a lovely lamb roast, vanilla yogurt, corn and quinoa. This is the first time I ever any quinoa. Marisa had reccomended it some ago, and I finally remembered to pick some up today. It has a nice, mellow flavor. A little bland, so it definitely needs a little spicing up. I think next time I'll try cooking it in broth. Even Kitty liked it.

However, both of the boys got in trouble when they were discovered on my bed, completely tangled in several skeins of yarn. I didn't know wether to laugh or cry. I went to get the camera to take a picture but by the time I came back Carey had already untangled them and sent them to seperate corners.

Carey rented The Covenant for me to watch so I think I'll do that and knit a few more rows on James' bag. Hopefully I'll be finished with it soon.

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