"I hate you." This is Deedee's newest phrase. Yes, you heard me right. The not quite two year old little darling is throwing three word sentences at us. :( She didn't get the reaction she expected though, I think. Dinner was a bit late, and she was at the table already waiting. She asked for juice but we told her she had to wait until dinner; it was about 10 minutes out. She said something but Carey and I didn't quite catch it so we stopped to listen to the repeat. And then we spent the next few minutes laughing while she glared at us. There's just something so cute of a little one trying to be all big and scary. Sort of like a kitten trying to roar and coming out with a tiny mew.

Kitty also jumped on the wagon and growled at me today. I caught her with a fist full of jelly beans, busy shoving them in her face. I had to dig them out of her mouth, and then force open her fist to get the last few. She's still too small for them; they're just the right size to choke her. She tried growling at me, saw it didn't work, then dropped back on her old standby; the little cry packed with the maximum pitiful garnered to recieve the maximium sympathy. As uaual, it worked although it did not get her a jelly bean as planned. She was however, snuggled close and given a biter biscuit.

I've got a tea pot! Yay. A good friend of mine went to a big indoor yardsale and bought one that looks like a ... drum roll ... strawberry! It's awesome and totally perfect for a fairy tea party. A big box of felt that I ordered came in today. I got it because there were several large lengths as well as assorted scraps. I'm going to be making birthday banners. I can't find the original link that showed me these, but they're really cool. A mom made a banner for each one of her children. She put a large picture in the middle, that she thought represented her child for their first birthday. Or birth. I don't remember. But for each birthday, she'd add a little item that best represented what they were interested in or had learned that year. Some of them she cut out of felt. She also used appliques, buttons, little charms, whatever she was able to find. The banner was displayed for everyone to see for the week before the childs birthday. On the morning of the birthday, a candle was added to one side as well. I think she did it for 21 years? I don't remember. But I really liked this idea, so I'm busy making one for Deedee. Hopefully it will be done in time.

Nothing else seems to be on time, so I really won't be that suprised if it isn't. :( I never did get my green hat done for the KAL. I had the perfect pattern, perfect green yarn, etc. but it just didn't want to happen. I started it several times and wound up frogging it several times too. The yarn is now wound back into a ball and sitting with the pattern in my basket. I might try different needles. Maybe then I'll be able to do it.

Also, after a week of not working on James' bag, I got a row done. I put it aside originally because the chart suddenly wasn't lining up right and I couldn't figure out why. So I ripped out the row and redid it several times before getting frustrated and putting it aside. Well, at 10.30 last night, I decided to knit one row. I figured I'd be able to get it done by 11, which was bed time. And I finally saw my mistake. I had managed to increase one stitch on the previous row. >:( But it's all fixed now and coming right along. I'll get a good pic and update posted about it soon.

I was very busy today. Carey's sister Lisa and her family are coming to visit for Easter/Spring Break. We would like to actually have them over for dinner. But, our house is not the cleanest house so Carey and I decided that it's high time it got clean. There are several people coming over on March 31 to help us. But in the mean time, we also have to help ourselves, get off our butts, and get a good majority done if we want it done in time. Today, I cleaned the kitchen, rearranged some cupboards, and actually got rid of several items. :D Wow, me, the packrat, actually admitting that. Heh. The cupboards look much nicer now, and I can actually put things away. Carey wasn't very happy though. He has to get used to a new arrangement. But, I think it's easier now because a lot of stuff is now in labled canisters. So no more searching through bags and pouches looking for stuff. Also, the first thing he did when he came into the kitchen was trip over the wood drying rack and sent Kitty's diapers, and a couple of wool sweaters, flying every where. Sigh.......

I also got rid of several boxes of food that had been sitting in our kitchen for over a month. It was what Carey had cleaned out of his grandmother's apartment after she passed away. I was tired of tripping over it, so I had our Church come and pick it up. If we didn't have the room to put it away, then there were people that needed it more than we did.

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Keppy said...

LOL I hear you - my 3yo has a severe speech delay but rest assured he can say "shut up, mama". i was so excited i almost cried the first time he said it - i was all like, omg - his first sentence!!!