Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to ride our bikes to Church. We decided it at the last minute, so we missed the fellowship between services, but we arrived just in time for the service to start. We even had enough time to drop the children off in the nursery, and grab some tea for myself.

Riding with a preschooler on his own bike is definitely an interesting experience. I think I'll look into getting James a tandem bicycle to hook up to Carey's bike. We had two collisions, and several close calls. And one of them happened in the middle of the street while we were crossing. Sigh...... James still did really good and we're proud of him. I am really excited though because I saw my first snow drops today! Spring is on her way.

The service was nice. It was about the UU's take on what happens after death. It was interesting hearing so many views. Reverend Kayle summed it up as the whole existence being reduced to Love and that's all that matters.

We stopped at the Co Op on the way home to get something for lunch. The first things all three children did, even before Carey had the cart, was to each grab a tomato and take big bites out of them. So three tomato's, and hard boiled eggs were bought for their lunch. Poor James wound up not getting his tomato. After we got home, Carey took James out by himself for a bike ride to teach James how to use his brakes. I set up the other two with their lunches, and then had to go upstairs real quick to take care Kitty. I was delayed longer than planned. When James got home, I showed him where his plate was and went to get his tomato, but I couldn't find it anywhere. We finally got it out of Charles that Deedee had gotten the second half to her tomato and he decided he wanted more too so he ate James'. So the little bugger ate two whole tomatoes (normal size, not cherry) as well as his boiled egg and some lentil salad I bought. He must have been really hungry.

I also rode my bike to my Earth Based Religion group. It's at the Church, so two round trips in one day. I rode approximately four miles all together. Not bad for one day. And I only stopped to walk once, for one block, on a relatively steep incline that I'm just not ready for yet. Maybe later this summer. I really enjoyed group tonight. Reverend Kayle set up a wonderful, thought provoking ceremony. I also enjoyed my ride home. I loved looking at the almost full moon, and the quiet of late night streets.

James was very well behaved so he got to stay up late so he could give me a hug when I got home. He told me that Carey had told them them Goldilocks and the Three Bears but some of what he was saying didn't make since. I later found out that Carey had taken artistic license with the story. Sigh....... Leave it to Carey. He also read them two pages of his new Robert Aspirin book, Phule's Errand. While I believe it's best to read to the children from books above their present level, as well as children's books, in an effort to expand their vocabulary and understanding, I really don't think this was one was very appropriate. LOL Although, he only read them a few pages, so I don't think he warped their minds too much. Then again, we're talking about Carey here, the father that presented James with a plush Cthulhu on the day of his birth. :D

Carey had made fajitas for dinner tonight, but it was late so I didn't have time to eat before I had to leave for my group. He had neglected to make mine up for me while I was gone, so he made one for me while I fed a fussy Kitty. I had never seen burritos rolled that way and had him show me again. Very interesting. They actually stayed closed vs. the way I had been shown before. I guess someone who has rolled thousands of burritos in his stint at the local Taco Time, he knew what he was talking about. So, I actually learned something today.

We spent a pleasant evening together playing "The Game of Life". I actually won tonight, amassing over 1 million dollars. Too bad that wasn't real.

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