The last of the invitations went out today and they looked really cool. I had to add a bit of info that wouldn't fit onto the invitation, so I wrote it up with a really pretty Gothic font that Carey chose (and was still legible) and then printed it on some paper that looked like a parchment scroll. Perfect. I have finished the first of the wings. It's a bit lumpy, and crooked, but what 2 year old is going to notice that? :D I also bought a book of old tri-chem iron transfers called The Little People. I remember using my grandmother's tri-chem paints as a child. I bought it to trace some of the patterns for decorations at Deedee's party although I'm sure someday, the transfers themselves may come in handy. The book is in great awesome condition, considering it's 26 years old.

For those that are interested, the fairy post labels can be found in Sweet Pea's Garden. I blew these up slightly when I scanned them in. The envelopes are thank you card sized. The instructions for the fairy wings are also found in Sweet Pea's Garden.

I took the boys to the doctor yesterday. He looked them over, gave them a few tickles and pronounced that I'll just have to wait the cough out. :( He said it's a virus going around and pretty much everyone is coming down with it. It usually takes anywhere from a week to three weeks to work out of the system. I suppose I'm grateful for him not prescribing anything, especially if it will just work out on it's own. Charles and Kitty are well on the mend, as well as Carey. Poor little Deedee and James still sound really bad though and I'm still putting the vaporizer in their room at night to help a little. I've just got my fingers crossed that all of this will be gone before Deedee's party.

I got to stop at the dollar store afterwards and found some cool bug stuff for the boys at Deedee's party. I even found some awesome little bugs, almost as big as my palm (inlcluding the legs) that hold about 0.30 ounces of cherry flavored gooey candy. Now how is that for sucking the guts out of something. :D Heh, heh. Everything is really coming together for the party now, although I'm still trying to get my hands on a tea pot. :( How can I have a fairy tea party without a tea pot? Bleh.

Carey had bribed the kids for good behavior with ice cream so we stopped in at DQ for dinner on our way home. They were all well behaved for the most part although Charles smeared his ice cream all over one of the windows. He got to clean it up before one of the employees came over to finish polishing it. Carey said to just leave it, but Charles needed to at least help a little. He needed to be held accountable for his actions. Poor little Deedee ate half of the paper that was wrapped around her cone before I realized that she had gotten that far. Kathrynn went nuts over my cone and wans't happy when she didn't have ice cream in her face and she kept trying to grab my cone. I finally just had to listen to her fuss because I didn't want her to get sick. She looked adorable with ice cream smeared all over her face and I wish I'd had the camera with me.

Carey has also had to go to the doctors, however he was sent homw with three prescriptions. :( He was also excused from his classes today. It's a good thing that his German & English classes were already canceled. But this is the last day he can miss from his water aerobics class and still pass, so he has to be on his toes now. He's been really sick this year. He's always gotten sick easily, but this year it's been worse. I blame it on the mold and while I hate moving, I'm starting to look forward to it for the sake of my family's health.

My biggest mystery of the last few days though is the "The Forest House". This book arrived a few days ago, and I have absolutely no idea where it came from. I had ordered the "The Mists of Avalon" (The Forest House is the prequel) and at first assumed that I had been sent the wrong book. But now the Mists have come in, and it was mailed before the first book came in. I'm really confused. I checked my Ebay, thinking perhaps I had bought it and just forgotten about it. But I didn't. I also checked Paperback Swap, Alibris and Amazon but I hadn't ordered it from them either. :( Can you tell my memory is a complete mess?

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