My Ecological Footprint

Today, I found this quiz at Path To Freedom and it really made me think about a lot. I have been wanting to downsize and have a more simple life and this really showed what more I could do besides what I had already pinpointed. My results:

Food: 3.2 acres
Mobility: 0 acres
Shelter: 2.7 acres
Goods: 2.5 acres
Total Footprint: 8 acres

In comparison, the average ecological footprint in my country is 24 acres per person. Worldwide, there exists 4.5 biologically productive acres per person. I among the 80% of the world population with an Ecological Footprint smaller than 10 acres. If everyone lived like me, we would need 1.9 planets.

If I took action to reduce my footprint, it would look like this:

Food Footprint reductions: 2.7 acres
Mobility Reduction: 0 acres
Housing: 0.6 acres
Total Reduction: 3 acres

Turn The Tide with a new american dream and use these 10 personal steps to help reduce your ecological footprint:
  1. Walk, bike or carpool. Just generally drive less.
  2. Eat less feedlot beef.
  3. Eat eco-friendly seafood.
  4. Free yourself from junk mail.
  5. Install compact fluorescent (CF's) light bulbs.
  6. Stop freezing in the summer.
  7. Stop sweating in the winter.
  8. Eliminate lawn pesticides.
  9. Reduce home water usage.
  10. Inspire your friends.

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Keppy said...

This is really eye-opening for sure!