Today was a nice day. I cleaned the living room and kitchen so I wouldn't feel bad for taking off this afternoon. There is still so much work to be done and it feels so overwhelming, but thanks to Flylady, I'm taking my baby steps and getting more and more done everyday.

So, this afternoon, James, Kitty, and I all walked downtown. I think maybe 1-2 mile round trip. First we stopped off at a nice sandwich place that I like so we could have lunch. It was excellent although we still haven't gotten to eat the oatmeal cookies that came with it. I guess I'll share those with James tomorrow. Then we went to the Natural Abode, the perfect store if you're into natural, clean leaving. Lots of wood, hemp, sea grass, etc. I love that store although as a rule I can't afford to shop there very often. However, I needed a new drying rack since my other one bit the dust and I knew they carried them. They didn't have the big one as tall as I am in stock. Shoot. But they did have a smaller one in that will work for me for now. But I'll be back to get a bigger one later. With the family of maniacs, we go through a ton of laundry a week and if I want to do more than one load a day, I'll need to racks. I also bought some plastic pants for Deedee to help protect when she has accidents. Since they go on like undies, and aren't bulky like diapers, maybe she won't associate them with diapers and think it's ok to go in them. I got some plastic coated training underwear for her but she just goes in them like diapers. She doesn't even try to let me know until it's too late. Sigh........

We stopped in at the bike shoppe because I wanted a bike trailer. But before I had even had a chance to look around, James said he had to poop and insisted on going to his grandparents winery. So off we went, fast walk/running, the three blocks. About a block out poor James hit an uneven patch on the sidewalk and bit it pretty bad. I got some pretty evil looks from people going that last block with him screaming his bloody head off and blood running down his chin. So we got him cleaned up (he no longer had to use the toilet), settled down, a piece of grape gummy candy in his tummy, and back we went to the bike shoppe. I spoke to a salesman for about 20 minutes, compared models, and decided that a two seater would be the best for us. Then I deliberated if I wanted the extra goodies (uv sun shade, window covers, cushie seats, etc.) and in the end I went with the more expensive model because I plan on having the kids in it a lot so the need to be comfortable. He had to order the kit to convert it into a stroller vs. just a bike trailer, but that's ok. It's not like I need the stroller right this second.

I enjoyed my walk home although it was getting pretty cold. I had to wrap my scarf around James head to keep his ears warm and he looked pretty funny. In the end, I wound up putting him in the stroller so I could get home. Even with him in it, and no wheel in the front, it was still easy to balance. As well, it was easy to turn. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

I got home to find dinner cooking and to hear that our appointment with Sydney had been canceled and rescheduled for Monday. She has a fever so I hope she feels better soon. So, after dinner, we went to Baskin Robbins for a treat. James went nuts over a clown cone. LOL. He made a huge mess. We stopped off at Michaels for a few craft supplies that I need. He found an awesome little helicopter kit that he wanted to with Carey so they were going to do it when we got home. But on our way home, we discovered that James had unbuckled himself so no helicopter. He'll have to wait until tomorrow.


aksunflour said...

Flylady is just great. I have been w/her since last June. My house isn't perfect- but better. Good luck w/the potty training, I am doing the same thing here.

Keppy said...

I love FlyLady... I live in constance C.H.A.O.S. and I always have lol... Oh wait, once when I was nesting when Trey was born my house was spotless for about 3 mos... Then I had to go back to work for my final 2wks and it all went to hell lol. I dream of a clean house but I don't want to DO the cleaning.