It warmed up slightly today a lthough by early evening it had started snowing again. :( Church was nice. James even accepted going to his religious classes with minimal fussing and he made a beautiful tissue paper poster that we have proudly hung in the kitchen.

Todays service was all about the ugly duckling and how all of us go through life feeling lonely, and yes, even ugly,until we find our "family". It is very true that when you find your spiritual path, you definitely feel blessed and welcomed with opens arms. You accept yourself, and you walk through life with a lighter heart.

We delivered the first of Deedee's party invitations to the two girls that take care of Deedee in the nursery. They were going to dress up as fairies to help out. Unfortunately, one of them will be out of town. Sigh....... She was really dissapointed that she wouldn't be able to make it.

I was silly today. I am going to be so sore tomorrow it isn't funny. I got it into my head that I wanted to ride my bike. Then, James decided he wanted to go. Fine, I'd stuff him in the trailer. Well, Charles came down and insisted on coming too. It was a bit of a squeeze, but they both fit in ok. All in all, round trip was at least 2 miles. I did enjoy it but I definitely felt the burn several times. This is the most active besides walking that I've been in a long time. LOL. What happened to the woman that could run two miles in under 15 minutes? We rode along a bike trail for a while and while it was only about 100 feet from the highway, and you could still hear the cars, a lot of the trail is shielded with trees. I enjoyed listening to the birds and pointing them out to the boys. I was also happy to see a bit of green. It was only marred once when I had to pull over because James was screaming. Charles had smacked him with his little juice bottle and given James a bloody lip. :(

We dropped off a movie that Carey had rented and then went to the other end of town to the dollar store. I needed to get some tissue paper to make the fairy wings for Deedee's party and pick up anything else that I thought might come in handy. I found some little organza drawstring bags with beaded fringe (that also came with a travel size comb, mirror and body scrubber) that were perfect for the girls' goody bags. I bought one each gold, blue and pink. I got rid of the scrubbers, but I can use the mirror/comb set as one of the prizes. I also got little matching beaded bracelets in the coordinating colors. I'll make the wings to coordinate with the goody bags. Deedee will have the gold. She already has her bright green fairy set that she picked out. As for the other two, whichever girl arrives first can pick the color she wants. The girls will be adorable.

I had to call Carey to drive the kids home from the dollar store. It was raining, but that was ok. They were well sheltered. But I discovered that there was a flat tire on the trailer. :( Grrr....... the very first time I've ever gone anywhere in it. Sigh........ I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow though. We found out that Carey's parents are out of town until tomorrow evening and they're the one's that usually watch the younger kids while I take James to his appointments. I wish they would have let us know that they were going to be away so we could make other arrangments. >:( So now I'll to take all of the kids with me tomorrow and sit in the lobby with them while James goes back by himself. I had planned on walking, but now with the stroller out of commission, I guess I'll have to drive. :(

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Janet said...

At least you have bare ground to ride bikes upon. I almost cancelled my dd's bday party yesterday because it was -15 when we got up.

Have fun at the fairy party.

Where is the scarf pic? And what an awesome idea. My oldest DD is away at college, she is paying her own way. So I understand what the other kids may be going through.