The kids room smells much better now. Last night, I bought some supplies and then all five of us scrubbed the floor while Kitty sat on the bed keeping a running commentary on our progress. Yes, even Deedee got in on it. I'm not sure how much she actually got scrubbed, but she was pushing her little sponge around with as much gusto as she could muster with lots of giggles. The only one we had a problem with was Charles and he was the biggest contributor to the mess. He refused to scrub and then he got even madder when Carey took his hand, put it on the sponge, and then scrubbed. So Charles helped whether he liked it or not. Now, every time one of them pees on their floor, it doesn't matter who, all of us will scrub the floor. Maybe that will get it through their heads. We also bought some gummi bears to re-institute the reward system. Maybe that's why Charles is doing this. Perhaps he's not getting enough attention.

Winter has ambushed Spring again and won a small coup. We've gotten a couple of inches in the last 24 hours. :( It's even packing. Awesome snowball weather but not really what I'm wanting right now.

James was very dissapointed today. His cough has gotten really bad and he couldn't go with his Uncle Charlie for the weekend as planned. He doesn't need to get anyone sick, especially not my brothers pregnant girlfriend. His cough has gotten bad enough that I'm debating taking him to the doctor next week. I'll keep an eye on him over the weekend.

Carey and I sat down today and got stuff put together for Deedee's part. Or, at least started. The invitations have been printed, and are waiting to go in their respective envelopes. We also chose the plates, etc. How do you get stuff for little boys at a fairy tea party, so they won't feel excluded? Well, Carey chose a really awesome bug set for them. What? You can find just as many bugs as faries in a garden. :D The boys will be dressing up as elves while the girls get to wear pretty skirts and wings.

I've given up on Deedee's tea set. There. It's official. :( I really wanted to do so maybe I'll try it again some time. Instead, I'm concentrating on knitting play food. There are the super easy strawberries I made. Isn't it amazing that two items, knit from the same pattern, look so different? The plate is approximately 6 inches across, so that shows how big these babies are. The kids love them and are begging for more. I'll make at least two more.

Here are a couple of pics of our mold problem. >:( This is why we're going to have to move and I hate it. I love this spot. But, my family's health comes first.

This is the windowsill in our spare bedroom. Isn't it horrible? It had been all up the window, and you can still see a bit around the suction cup on there. The next one is in the little closet in the master bedroom. It's really washed out, but you get the idea.

On a lighter note, here are a few great pics of the kids. No, there isn't one of Deedee. I decided that the world did not need to see in her nudist mode.

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