Dílleachta Lace Scarf

Update ~ Errata: In the optional keyhole directions, after transferring the stitches from the stitch holder, it read to knit for 15 rows before joining both sides again. It should read only 7 rows.

This is the scarf that I knitted for the Red Scarf Project in the condo knitting technique. (of course, it didn't make it out on time. :( Maybe next year. ) Not only did it look neat, but it was easy to do and knitted up fairly quickly. What is condo knitting? Basically, it's knitting with two wildly different sized needles; one small and one large. (such as an US 11 & US 35) When used together the two needles would produce alternating wide, lacy rows and small, tighter rows. It was popular during the late 70's to the mid 80's and at it's heyday you could actually buy condo circular needles. You can still find them occasionally.

This is such a fun technique and there are endless possibilities. Although I used a chunky warm yarn here since it was for a winter scarf, this would also look really neat in the novelty yarns and ribbons. Changing the sizes of the needles, how many stitches were cast on, etc changes the whole look of your project.

Dílleachta Lace Scarf
level: beginner

  • 2 skein Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in Calypso (color has now been discontinued) or other suitably bulky yarn in weight category 5 (Approximate equivalent 13 ply) 6.00 oz./170 g (185 yd/169 m)
  • Size US 4 needles
  • Size US 19 needles
  • 1 stitch holder

Gauge: Not Absolutely Necessary

CO 30 sts with size 4 needles
Row 1: K one row with size 4
Row Two: Switch to size 19 and K one row.

Reapeat these two rows for at least 100 rows or until your scarf is half as long as you want it, ending on size 4 needles. The first couple of rows knit a little tight, at least for me, but then they lossened up and I had no problem putting size 19 needles in size 4 stitches. Optional Keyhole: Divide the stitches in half and put one half on your stitch holder. K for 7 rows, ending on size 4. Transfer the stitches on the holder back to the size 4 needles and put the remaining stitches onto the holder. Knit the the new stitches for 7 rows. Transfer the stitches from the holder back to the needles and knit them across. Or, you could just add on a bit of yarn to that side and knit both sides at the same time. Knit at least 100 more rows, ending with size 4 needles. K one row in size 4 needles. BO in size 4. See? Super easy.

I also made the same scarf with size US 11 and size US 19 and CO 16)

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