Grrr....... Kitty was fussy last night and I didn't get to bed until after two. And then I had to fight Carey for the bed. The snot was right on the middle and sprawled out over the whole bed. There was barely room for Kitty. So I shook him awake to tell him to move and he curls up on my side. I'm not sure why. So I got woken up when he crawled over this morning to get ready for work. :( That is why I sleep on the back, so he wouldn't have to crawl over my anymore. To top it off, the kids woke up at 7 but Carey let me sleep until he had to leave for class.

We were also informed that the university EPA was coming through all of the units looking at the mold problem. Sigh....... how am I supposed to explain a house with stuff piled everywhere, and a bedroom that smells like pee because my sons are little savages? Carey told them the kids were sick, and he took a video tape of everything to show them. They wanted him to put the tape to disc and give it to them. So, they didn't come through today, but they want to come through soon.

I knit some strawberries today. They were very simple to make. But then I was flummoxed because I didn't know what to stuff them with. I have a nice bag of stuffing, somewhere, but I have no idea where. But dryer lint came to the rescue. Yes, you heard me right. It works just as well, and the cool thing is that it's free. We do a lot of laundry, so we have a ton of dryer lint. And it's not just good for stuffing things. It also makes an odd play dough that my children have found very interesting.

The fight continues between Old Man Winter and our Lady Spring. While green things are coming up, and slowely conquering, Winter just does not want to let go. Today, we had hail. Very small hail, it looked almost like tapioca. James insisted on riding his "motorcycle" as he calls his bike anyway. I wanted to take a pic of it, but Carey can't remember where he put the camera. :(

I found this last night when Kitty was being so fussy. It's really cool to watch, but I also really liked the music. It's nice and soothing and this is what she finally fell asleep to.

For those of you that's interested, the music on this video is The Departure, track 23 on the Gattaca soundtrack by Michael Nyman. Yes, I liked it enough to look it up. It's very peaceful to listen to and Kitty has fallen asleep to it several times.

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