I got a sort of mini vacation today. Since the university was closed today, Carey had no class as well as no work. So I took advantage of that and left the kids home with Carey. Yay. I did take Kitty with me though since Carey couldn't feed her. But I didn't mind. She so sweet and easy to take care of. It was really cold today, only 18 F but I bundled both of us up really well and shoved everything I needed into a backpack. I had a pleasant walk downtown although it was a bit cold on my ears. My hat didn't come down as far as I would have preferred. I stopped off to get some more diapers for Kitty and body wash for the kids since the little buggers dumped their brand new bottle down the drain. The upstairs did smell really nice though.

I went to Gramma Doris' for a little while. I just wanted to sit and think for a little while; remember all the good times. I bagged up some of her stuff, a little of which I was keeping for myself. I found a box of hairpins, which I've really been needing, and I was surprised to find a key in the box so I gave it to Sue. Maybe she can figure out what it was for. I took her aprons since they will really come in handy. They are a tunic type, you pull them over your head and tie them at the sides. There are pockets on the front and I was pleased to discover that they are reversible. I sat down and cried when I chose one to put on when I got home though. It was one with a cutesy country print on it: sun flowers, patches, quilts, birdhouses, scarecrose, etc. There was a little sign that read "When this you see, Remember Me".

I enjoyed myself at knitting group today and I even got a few rows of my sock done, splint and all. The doc said I could take the splint off tomorrow, but my finger is still hurting pretty bad so I'm not sure that I will. I had a nice time talking to the other mothers with no loud children interrupting. The two older children that were there are always well behaved but the majority of the children were all under 1 year. One mother gave me a huge bottle of unopened baby wash. Score! Too bad I had already bought that big bottle of body wash at the store for the kids. After everyone had left, Marisa and I just sat there and talked for I don't know how long. But it was almost 8 when I finally got home and it's only about a 15 minute walk. It's wonderful outside at night, when it's this cold. It's deserted, and so quiet. Now, I'm off to go through the chest that I keep all of my ritual supplies in to prepare for Candlemas.

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