The children woke up early this morning, i.e. before 8. They usually wake up at about 8.30. My alarm went off at 8 and it was all quiet on the western front, so I assumed the little sproglets were all still asleep. Well, except for Kitty. I knew she was all snug as a bug, still in bed, dreaming sweat dreams. I discovered the boys, quietly playing in the tub. They had even managed to NOT make a huge mess, which was a big relief. But where, oh where, was my rebellious daughter? Their room was empty so I went downstairs and I just wanted to cry.

She had gotten ahold of the last, cherry filled, turnover that I had been looking forward to with such relish for my breakfast. But that's not the big thing (unless you count her not having mushed cherries everywhere). She had ripped open a bag of blueberry muffin mix and had scattered it all over the living room. And this was no mean feat. The said bag had been covered in sack cloth and she had managed to rip it open with a good old ...... ready for this?....... blunt tipped non serrated table knife. This girls stubborn streak is bigger tha she is and something makes me think that she's going to go far in life letting nothing hold her back. And she had made a huge mess. I mean, the living room was white! Or, I should say, the couch and the immediate area right in front of it. I couldn't yell at her though. She had gotten out their little hand held toy vacuum and was proceeding to clean it up. Of course it wasn't doing a darn thing but just the fact that she was attempting to clean up her mess warmed my heart slightly and allowed myself to forget for a short moment that it would not be me having to clean it all up.

When I did finally haul out the electric broom to clean everything up, James also got out their full size toy vacuum and we raced to get to spots first and we also played bumper vacuums. LOL. That was a lot of fun. So all in all, most of the stuff was cleaned up but there are a few small areas on the carpeting that are still white. The flour had gotten ground in and the suction wasn't good enough to get it up. Ah, well. The whole carpet is due for a good cleaning and that has been slated for sometime in the next two months when we can set aside enough money.

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