Second Potty Chair

I klnow, I know. Why do we need a second chair when we just got that other awesome one? Well, Deedee has had several accidents in her bedroom and I realized it was because she couldn't get out to use the toilet. The boys are also being lazy. I was talking to James and asked him if I put one in their room, if he would use it. He still has a problem wetting the bed at night and I can see it being difficult for him to climb down from the top bunk, find his away across the floor, open the door, go across the hall, turn the lights on, put the seat up, use the toilet, hopefully remember to flush and wash his hands, and then reverse it. Poor little guy. I had never thought about it before. But, since he said he will use it, and I need something in there for Deedee anyway, so I got it.

The boys took the old plastic one in their room and were using it but Deedee still refuses to even sit on it. I don't see the point in having two potties in a limited space, so, I have given the plastic one to my sister for her little guy and got this one on Ebay. It was a close fight, but well won. Isn't it cute?

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