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The last few days have been crazy.

Carey will be starting school again in a couple of days. He's really excited about it and looks forward to his new classes yet at the same time he dreads having to start again. He has started the proceedings to switch his major from accounting to history. He likes working with people, and he enjoys keeping the books, but the math required was just too much for him. He barely passed a prerequisite class for a required class. He has always loved history and is a huge WWII buff, so this is definitely a better choice in the long run. He's been playing around with the thought of becoming a teacher which I think would be perfect for him. Sure, accountants make more money than teachers, but I didn't marry Carey for his money so that doesn't matter. Besides, he's also taking two years of German so now maybe I'll get my book of German fairy tales translated. :D The bad thing though is that he was wait listed for his English class. Bleh. This put him down under 12 credits so they weren't going to release the full amount of his grants and loans. That was a big uhoh because that's how our rent is paid as well we couldn't pay for all of his classes. GRRRR....... So he had to sign up for a one credit class. Heh, it wound up being a swimming aerobics class. He'll drop this class if English opens up. Either one is a positive note: this English class will be the last one required and the swimming class would definitely get him into shape. So either way, I'm not worried. We still wound up owing a couple hundred so we had to scramble to find that. Last year this happened and they gave us to the end of the semester but this year they wanted it right away. I don't know what changed.

We live in older student family housing and a lot of the buildings were being shut down for renovation. We found out that ours is not one of the buildings, which is a relief because I didn't want to move. We have the perfect spot right here. On the other hand, we do have mold growing that we can't get rid of so in the end we may wind up moving anyway. But if we do decide to move, it will have to wait until summer, when a lot of students have graduated and are vacating their apartments. Right now, most of the newer ones are full because so many people had move over winter break. Carey and I will keep an eye on it and see how it develops so we'll see.

I have finished the cuff of my very first sock. Woohoo! But then I decided that I didn't like what the pattern was doing. I had bought a kit that came with Moda Dea yarn and I decided, what the hey, I would use their sock pattern and looked it up. I should have looked closer at the picture because it ribs the whole sock. Which is fine, just not what I wanted right now. So I took advantage of my brand new book Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlots Bag of Knitting Tricks. It's section on socks has helped me salvage mine and it's still going good.Totally awesome, must have book.

I have cut Charles hair. It's not the best haircut in the world, but considering this is the first time I ever cut hair, let alone a wiggling three year old, it's actually pretty good. I love his curls, but he kept brushing it our of his eyes and by an odd quirk in his genetics the hair on the back of his head is really fuzzy and it mattes really easy. I haven't been able to totally comb through it in a long time so it needed to be cut before the mattes reached the scalp and really started hurting him. LOL. Every time I cut off one of his curls he would pick it up and try to put i back on his head. I guess it's time for us to get a set of clippers.

The day is coming to an end, and it's time to get dinner started.

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