I swear, if the people at Health & Welfare doesn't pull their heads out of their asses, there are going to be serious consequences. Of course, this would involve me yelling & screaming and generally acting like a mad woman in public, so maybe not. Once again, our food stamps have been messed up. This happens every single time. A couple of times, it's been our fault because we didn't get the information submitted on time. But the rest of the time, it's because of incompetence in the office.

Calling us and badgering us for paperwork they wind up already having, losing said paperwork because they weren't filed properly (this has happened three times now) and them insisting that they never receive it, and it goes on and on. In fact one woman called me, and was insisting that we had never turned anything in when knew that we had. She was being very rude about this and while were talking she suddenly went very quiet and then informed that she had found what she needed and that it had been in the folder all along but she hadn't bothered to look before calling. WTF?

So not only did this woman upset me the rest of the day, she made me late to an appointment which of course threw the whole day off which pissed me off even more. >:( This time, it is supposedly not the local offices fault. She said they got everything done on time (even with the extra info we needed this time) and it was sent to the reviewer on December 21. Guess what? It hasn't been reviewed yet. Just what are these peoples problem? I understand that they are understaffed at times, but their general incompetence does not help any. In fact, one time I called wanting to know why it was three days late and knowing darn well that everything had been turned in on time, only to be informed that they had been too busy getting late submissions through. Huh? I'm being told that although I was on time, early in fact, I had to wait for the deadbeats to get their stuff first. Where is the logic in that?

We depend on this to survive. Carey is only able to work 20 hours a week, and at $6.50 an hour, that doesn't go very far. In fact, if our rent wasn't taken out automatically by the University from Carey's loans & grants, we couldn't even afford to pay that. We would not have this if we didn't absolutely need it and I'm tired of getting treated as if we're deadbeats ourselves and not trying to make a better life for our family. When I called about it today, I was told to go to a foodbank. All fine and dandy, Carey has already done that. But you can only draw so much a month from them, and I have no idea how long it's going to take for our stamps to be released. How do you explain to babies that they have to go to bed hungry because they can't have all they want to eat in an effort to make it last longer?

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