Deedee loves her new potty and uses it a lot. She is doing very well potty training. She even went to Church yesterday in undies and stayed totally dry, which is awesome. The girls in the nursery took her every little while and the little foldable potty seat I bought last year is really coming in handy. If we're at a strange place (i.e., not home) she refuses to use the toilet if there is no potty seat. I think it might hurt her or maybe she's scared of falling in. She's doing very well for the most part and she'll go upstairs on her own. However, if she has to poop, she goes wherever she's at. So we ordered her a potty chair to set up downstairs in the hope that she'll use it. It was expensive but it was worth it if only to save our carpets. Isn't it adorable? Carey picked it out. It's the perfect size for her and I'm so glad that we got it. It's solid hardwood and I think that this just may turn into a family heirloom. I know, I know. That sounds odd. But have you really looked at potty seats lately? The really nice, hardwood ones (brand new) are well over the $40 that we spent for this one. Sure, the plastic ones are a lot cheaper, but they don't last near as long and aren't near as cute. The boys have no problem using the little plastic one that I bought for James, but Deedee refuses to use that throne with a passion. As soon as we unpacked this one, she immediately sat on it and claimed it as hers. She stroked the arms, said "mine" very loud and very often, and she used it. Besides, who could resist such a quaint and charming addition to our decor?

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