Today was absolute hell. It started out ok. I was a little tired when I got up but I felt much better after a quick shower. The next hour and a half was hectic, but I managed to get all of the children dressed reasonably well for the weather. I had a bit of a fight to get James in the van. He decided that mamma needed some exercise and that a quick race up the hill would be fun. He went down the slide and I was finally able to get him in the van.

I was a little upset, but we were still on time. I lucked out and found a parking spot right in front of the the winery. Yay. And Sue was right there waiting so I handed over Charles & Deedee, got Kitty loaded in the sling, grabbed James, and off we went. I only realized after we were already halfway that we were thirty minutes early. So we stopped in at the local pharmacy/gift shop/toy store that's on the way and James spent a pleasant 10 minutes playing with the trains while I wandered around.

He did great with Kathy today and he had a lot of fun. He especially liked making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I finally figured out how to make short rows and my very first sock heal is shaping up quite nicely.We made the requisite stop at the Co Op on the way back. James likes buying hard boiled eggs there and he gets very disappointed when we don't stop. He also got a free yogurt today which really made him happy. We timed arrival back to Carey's parents right and were able to go right up instead of ringing the bell and waiting. I really need to get our keys fixed.

It went down hill after that. I was trying to get the kids together to go to my weekly knitting group. James was throwing a fit not wanting to turn off Fantasia and and he kicked my sore finger. The little bugger. Well over a month ago I fell down the stairs and hit my hand against the wall. I think I did originally break it and in hindsight I should have gone in but the pain was at the bottom joint and how are they going to splint something like that? I had decided that it was only jammed and ignored the slight pain. Well, today it was even worse and it also swelled up slightly. I couldn't knit! :*( So my beautiful sock just sat in my bag the whole time and I talked to the other mothers. Sigh.... but that wasn't the worst.

My kids decided to throw tantrums today and were totally nuts. I can't take my children anywhere without them acting like little wild animals. One will intentionally kick, hit, or bite a sibling and away they go. Or they don't want to share something. Or they throw a screaming fit over some imagined hurt. Charles is especially good at this. Not only was James throwing toys after we had told him to stop, but he hit one of the babies! Thank the Goddess that it was only a soft bean bag instead of a hard plastic toy. And Charles. Well, little Mister Charles decided that he was going to hit a woman when she took something away from him after he wouldn't stop throwing things. Neither of us thought it was appropriate to punish him since as he turned away from us to hide, he ran face first into a bookshelf. I was absolutely mortified that my children were acting like this and I just don't understand why they go crazy in the public. I just wanted to sit down and cry. My finger was killing me, I couldn't knit, and I felt absolutely useless.

Both of the boys went to bed early, with no dessert although they weren't very happy over it. Deedee, on the other hand, while not being a complete angel today (she loves screaming just as loud as she can when she's not getting her way) she endeared herself to us at dinner. She climbed into Carey's lap and insisted that he feed her. She kept kissing him, and hugging him, and being really cute. That was the high point of the day. :) So, I'm off to take a long, relaxing bath, read my newest knitting book, stuff myself with gourmet chocolate truffles, and pretend today never happened.

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