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Several years ago, I learned of the FlyLady. Who is she? Well, she and her team guide you through the babysteps for setting up your routines, getting rid of your clutter, and putting your home and life in order. They are absolutely awesome. This system does work, and in the past I have had my house absolutely spotless thanks to them although, I do admit, in the last year or so, I have gotten away from her. However, l have been working my way back and a conversation with my sister in law re-sparked my interest. So I signed up for everything, again, and got the ball rolling.

When I did this before, not only was my house spotless, but dinner was on time every night, a ton of baking was being done, dishes were done and put away every night, there was no huge backlog of dirty laundry, or laundry waiting to be folded & put away, etc etc. I actually had time to do whatever I wanted and not feel bad about it. I learned how to sew, watched whatever movies I wanted, read a ton, experimented in the kitchen and on and on. I had too much time to kill and I actually got bored sometimes! That goes to show just how well it works. Of course, now I've got four rugrats running around vs. the one I had before, so now I doubt I would have so much extra time to actually become bored.

Anyway, one thing I learned from this several years ago was to plan out your menus for the week. This was good for several reasons: it got the food you had used so it didn't go bad, you knew exactly what you needed to buy so there was no aimless wandering around the store (I'm very good at this one), and you saved money by not buying more than you needed as well as not wasting your food. So once a week I would go through my inventories and make up the next weeks menu to be posted so everyone knew what we were having for dinner. Along these lines, there is a menu mailer service affiliated with FlyLady called Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. If you're too lazy or just don't have the time to make up your own menus, you could subscribe to this service. I have heard of this before, but before now I was never willing to spend money on something I could do myself. However, I haven't been doing this myself lately because I never seem to find the time; this usually takes me about an hour and a half at the least and this isn't when I'm being interrupted.. While I was nosing around FlyLady's site, checking out what was new, I noticed the link for Body Clutter and learned that Menu Mailer had come out with a new mailer specifically set up to help you lose weight.

Carey and I had actually just been talking about this. I would like to lose about 10 more pounds, although I'm not in too much of a hurry over this. It's not good to be dieting when one is nursing. Carey however is really upset about his weight. Last time he mentioned it, he was over 240, which isn't good and this has really got him down. So I decided what the hell, I would check it out. I really liked what I was seeing but then I found the heart healthy menu, which I decided was better for our circumstances. We'll all be eating healthier, which is good and Carey will lose weight as a nice side affect.

I have finally taken the plunge, and subscribed to the Heart Healthy Menu Mailer. There are three plans: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. I decided on the 3 month plan for now. It's easy to upgrade, or even change the subscription if I wanted to. They provided sample menus for every plan, and the food looks really good. So I look forward to trying this out.

Saving Dinner with the Dinner Diva

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