Little Susy Homemaker

I don't know whether to be proud of myself today, or sickened. My children, for the most part, behaved. I took advantage of this and got several things done.

  • I made a homemade cherry pie. Yup. Chilled bowl, ice water, the whole deal. (The kids helped with this, so it didn't look the greatest, but it tasted really good nonetheless.
  • I whipped my own cream to put on said pie.
  • I actually got the meat loaf in the oven early so it would be ready on time.
  • I got over thirty rows knit on the sock I'm currently working on so now the cuff is over half finished.
  • A load of laundry done, folded and actually put away.
  • I even managed to clean the living room, and vacuumed.

Of course, it also helped that Kitty slept most of the day, so she didn't want to eat as much as she usually does. Although it is a nice rest when she suckles, sometimes it takes up most of the day. Sigh........ I can't knit and feed her at the same time anymore. She's discovered how fun it is to play with the yarn.

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