Lesson Learned #2

Never ever ever leave a pile of just cut pretty white yarn on the table when there is a one year old anywhere in the vicinity. Said one year old will will think that it's a fun toy to play with and tangle it beyond repair.

Well, no, not quite beyond repair. But still, you get my meaning. I had just cut over 200 yards of Blue Face Leicester 3 ply wool from my large 2 lb cone (Yep, you heard me right. Two pounds. That's 4000 yards.) I laid it on the table in preparation of winding it into a large loop for a self striping yarn that I was going to dye with Kool-Aid tonight. I left the room for two minutes and that's when disaster struck. Deedee was adorable, but still. What a mess. I spent over three hours untangling it. And ooh, boy, does this stuff felt easily. Most of the felted knots easly came a part with a moment of fiddling. On one knot, I wound up breaking the yarn by accident. :*( Still, not the end of the world. My heart really broke though on the last big knot. I worked at it for over 40 minutes and no matter what I did, enough of the fibers had felted together that I was never going to get it undone. So, I had to cut it. >:( Grrrrr.......... I think I lost about 3 inches. Sigh......... Well, my lesson has been learned the hard way. So much for having pretty green yarn to show off to everyone at group tomorrow. Bleh.

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Keppy said...

My kids stole a ball of Sugar n' Cream once - wrapped it all over the exercise bike. Actually its still there because nobody ever excersizes in this house HAHA... But at least my incident wasn't as expensive as yours. *comfort*