A Sad Day

Today was a sad day. I used my free time today to start packing up Doris' stuff. Some of it I chose to keep but most of it is slated to go to a local women's shelter. Logically I know she's gone, but it still feels weird, as if she will come clomping through the door with her walker any moment. She was definitely a lady. She had beautiful things and I wish I knew her when she still dressed up and went out on the town. She was always dressed very nice. (She also didn't own a pair of pants or shorts.) I chose a few items for myself. Carey's mother snagged a beautiful wool coat that she's going to make a bear out of for James. Of all of my children, he was the closest to her and he still ask for her frequently. So it will be nice for him to have something to remember her by. I also kept back one dress, a pretty green plaid. And while this is not something I myself will wear, I am going to cut it down to make dresses for the girls. They will look adorable.

Carey's Aunt Maggie was in town so we all had breakfast at Carey's parents. I enjoyed speaking and this is actually the longest that I have ever been able to talk to her. :D She really enjoyed getting her baby fix with Kitty and held her for quite a while. Kitty has done great today. Not only has she sat a quarter of the way up with no support, she also managed to get most of the juice from her little sippy in her instead of on her.

Poor Charles has been sick today. There is a nasty bug going around and while Deedee had it yesterday, she didn't puke near as much as Charles. He has been unable to keep anything down all day, not even water. I'm concerned that he's going to be dehydrated. From what I've heard of this though it only lasts about 24 hours so he should be able to keep liquids down tomorrow, as well as have some light food.

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