Childs Felted Purse

This is the first felted project that I've ever done and I made it for Deedee for Christmas. I just cast on stitches and made it up as I went. LOL. It came out a little crooked, but she doesn't mind. I adjusted the pattern and stitched another one until it came out right.

Deedee's Felted Purse
Level: Beginner

size US 8 straight or circular needles (or size needed for guage)
1 ball Lion Brand Yarn Landscapes Country Sunset

gauge: 4 sts to 1 inch

CO 60 sts
K 8 rows

Shape The Handle

row 9

K 8 sts
BO 12 sts
K 20 sts
BO 12 sts
K 8 sts

Row 10

K 8 sts
CO 12 sts (single cast on)
K 20 sts
CO 12 sts (single cast on)
K 8 sts

K 24 rows. BO Sew any open seams together. There is a total of 34 rows. You could make it longer if you wish, I only stopped at 34 because I wanted enough yarn left over to make a little coordinating gnome doll for her.

It took me about an hour to felt this down to the size I wanted. Before felting the measuremtns were 5 inches high and 6 inches wide and I shrank it about an inch all around. I'll get the exact measurements up later. Deedee has stashed it somewhere and I can't find it. :D After felting I used a sweater stone on it to get rid of all the fuzz. Let me know if there are any errors.


Knit- K
Stitches - STS
Bind Off- BO
Cast On - CO

Each ball of Landscapes is 55 yards / 50 meters, 1 3/4 oz / 50 grams.
Knit: 11 sts = 14 rows = 4" (10 cm) on size 13 needles (9 mm) needles

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KnitMoka said...

The purse sounds cute. I'll have to try making it. I wanted to let you know that the costumes that I made for my boys' Yule gifts were from the 'New Knits on the Block' book.