Lessoned Learned

I found out tonight that James knows what chili peppers are. I made a conglomeration of hamburger, mac & cheese, and some very mild ortega peppers (which you couldn't taste at all). I made the mistake of mentioning them in from of the little goober and he immeadiately set a full fork down, proclaimed his mouth was burning and refused to eat another bite. Up till this point, he'd been eating his meal with gusto and smacking his lips at every bite. Sigh........... Never, Never, Never tell a child what they are eating, because once they do know, they won't eat it, even smothered with ketchup.

On a lighter note, James shot "lightening" at us as Carey kissed me proclaiming he had his powers and that he would knock our heads off. He looked so cute sitting at the table, holding up his left hand in a claw, and making hissing crackling noises at us. Ahhhh.... my little evil wizard. I'm so proud.

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